Weekly Journal Spread (February 20 – 26)


Hello there guys! I didn’t forget it – I just haven’t got enough time to post it, but here it is, my spread from last week’s journal. 🙂


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We seem so ancient, lol – but it felt like just yesterday when we first met. Haha. We celebrated our 104th month on the 21st which happens to be his dad’s 62nd birthday too so we didn’t really spent the day on a “date”. We spent it with his family ❤


Me and my boyfriend, we love to eat. So when we stumbled upon a Facebook post that says “newly opened food park” we drove off real quick. HAHA. Of course the first thing we tried was Ramen. There are still a LOT of food stalls there though that we haven’t tried out so we’re definitely coming back 😀


I haven’t seen this two for like such a long time (they were both my high school close friends) so when they told me they wanted to meet me to talk about their broken hearts (lol) well, I agreed – uhm more like they FORCED me too. Hahaha. I had prior commitments that day but they were so good at bugging my conscience, and yeah I missed them lots too! We watched a movie called “I’m Drunk, I Love You” and then went to Starbucks to drown ourselves in coffee and heart to heart talks 😀 ❤divider2

And that is it for a little glimpse of my life last week. Hope you had an amazing week!

Talk to you soon!



February Favorites


Hey guys! It’s almost March, and although February has not been a very great month for me, it still deserves a run down of random things I loved about this month! Wanna know what they are? – then just keep reading!


First up on my list this month is my new found love for Poetry. ❤ I have never been a very big reader of poems ever since the history of me being a reader. I mean, yeah – I do appreciate them but I haven’t really developed an inkling interest, until now. The recent poetry books I got is Milk and Honey and Chasers of the Light – which I both LOVE.


If you know me (well not all of you do obviously, haha) you’ll see that I am always inside the four corners of my room being the introvert gal that I am. I rarely go out these days which is something that I am trying to change. So my few escapades this month really made me want to see more of the world, lol. Seriously though, life is too short to spend in bed. (but bed days are great too of course 😁)


Well if you’ve been a frequent visitor of my blog you probably noticed that I regularly post and update weekly spreads. I’m quite proud that i’ve been keeping up with this so crossing my fingers that I continue to do so until this year ends. Love love love journaling.


OMG I love my bluetooth earphones like SO MUCH. I use this every single day. Music is my daily dose of vitamins so this gift from Sudio Sweden is just perfect – perfect for my iPhone which for some reason does not have an audio jack, like wth. But seriously, this earphone is life. Check out their products here.




Speaking of music, well this song is on repeat for the nth time most of this month! It’s not a new song, but I just recently appreciated it so..

Anyway, I just love it so much. And yes, my playlist’s name is “PlauUntilIHateIt” – lol, because that’s what I do. I play a song a gazillion times until I realize i’m hating it already. I am so weird, I know.





Okay. Can I just say that I literally do not know what to do with my life after i’ve finished all the seasons of Game of Thrones. I mean I literally cannot function as a human being. I swear this show took over my life. I just love it! I cannot believe I waited this long to watch it – but yeah, better late than never because Jon Snow is bae.


I am not a big mobile gamer (is that a thing? lol) but as I said, I need to divert my attention to something after my GoT addiction so I asked my friends from Instagram to suggest to me a game I can play and one of them suggested this one. I have downloaded a bunch of games that they suggested but this one made me really hooked. I loved it! Won’t be too long now until I abandon it and look for something else though, haha. My attention span is short. Btw, you can download this from the App store for free. I think Android has this game too 🙂divider2

And there goes my February Favorites! None super exciting so far but still it has been a pretty good month to me, and I hope you had a lovely one too!

Talk to you soon!




Weekly Journal Spread (February 13 – 19)


Hello guys! Another one of my journal spreads – I hope you’re not tired of it yet. It does seem a little personal since you get to see a “little” of me but I enjoy sharing it with you guys so… let’s get to it!


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Haha what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to eat Ramen! Lol. We also went on a “Bookstore Date” as I call it, lol. We went to I think 5 bookstores, and I only bought one poetry book – well HE bought it. Hehe, he insists so who am I to resist. But let’s go back to ramen talk, seriously, if you are here in the Philippines and haven’t tried yet Hanamaruken Ramen YOU ARE MISSING HALF OF YOUR LIFE. Go there now! My personal favorite is Spareribs ramen and if you’re not a big noodle eater then try the Drunkman Rice Bowl. So YUMMMMMMY! (This is not sponsored, whattheheck – it just sound like it but no :D)


Sundays are walk days – I just imposed it, haha. We took Gidget to a freaking 4km walk and I. am. exhausted – and injured, lol. But she was such a good girl, always looking after me. When bf is trying to walk her when I’m already too tired to keep up, she’ll look at me from behind and wait for me – such a sweetie, she really loves me. Haha. People are terrified of her though, can’t blame them, she really looks intimidating. Not even a year old (only 7 months) and she’s already so big. Love her! ❤ (oh, if you’re wondering, she’s a Black German Shepherd).divider2

That is it! Hope you all had an amazing week! Lovelots!

Talk to you soon!



Weekly Journal Spread (February 6 to 12)


Told you i’m making it up for you for being late in my journal spread posts, so two in a week it is! 😀


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You know my life isn’t that exciting when you realize one of the highlights of my week is finishing all the available seasons of Game of Thrones. Haha. Whatever, I was so happy to finally dive into this show, I’ve resisted for so long (because I wanted tor read the books first – but ain’t happening soon, so). I am freaking obsessed with Jon Snow. 😍


Well at least something exciting did happened this week, haha. Escaping my boring life and in to the mountain! Check out my adventure blog heredivider2

That is it! Hope you had an amazing week! ❤

Talk to you soon!


Weekly Journal Spread (Jan. 23 – Jan. 29)


Another one of my journal spreads! Enjoy! Blurred out a few parts though because I’m mysterious like that, lol no – I just got a little personal, that’s why haha.

In case you missed my first journal spread post, here’s the link to it.


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Updates on your journaling? Have you been doing it too? Isn’t it fun going back through your posts and seeing everything that has happened – sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, other times it feels like it was just yesterday. The magic of writing down memories – whether it’s a good or a bad one, it happened and you’ve learned from it either way ❤


I thought I’d share another tip for journaling:

  • Give TITLES to your day. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that highlights your day –  and you don’t have to do this everyday either, just on dates that you feel doing so.
  • Write QUOTES. This has always been a journal saver for me. There are times that I’m in a journaling slump and nothing in the entire day eve mattered so I just write a quote or bible passage instead. I do write at least something that still made sense in relation to how my day went.. 🙂


Until next spread! Talk to you soon!


How to start Calligraphy

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Hello everyone! I’ve been absent for far too long, and to make it up for you, I’ll be doing the probably one of the most requested topic on my Instagram: A Calligraphy for beginners post!

Uhm, okay before we start – DISCLAIMER! I am not an expert in calligraphy you guys! I have not in my whole life attended any learning sessions, or seminars or trainings for lettering and calligraphy. All that I know now are either self taught or tips I saw from professional calligraphers across social media platforms. So yeah, with that said, let’s get to it!divider2


So WHY do you want to start learning Calligraphy? Is this your passion? Is this a hobby you want to learn? Is it because everyone’s been doing it and you want to try it out for yourself? No matter what your reasons are, what’s important is this keeps you MOTIVATED. I’ve seen a few people quit trying calligraphy because they’ve felt like they don’t get any better. Tell you what, I’ve been there, done that. Although to be perfectly honest with you, I was indeed quite blessed with a decent handwriting, but that doesn’t warrant you to be a good calligrapher. You have to have patience, perseverance, and drive if you want to continue doing the art of letters!divider2


What TOOLS should one have in order to start calligraphy? YOU ONLY NEED A PENCIL to learn the basics – that I am telling you. Buying every available tools you see that calligraphers use is probably not a good idea, in fact, it is one of the most common mistakes some of us make. We buy tools we DO NOT know how to use and end up damaging it, or worse leave us more unmotivated to continue with calligraphy. So NO – do not buy everything all at once. Start with what you have at home 🙂 In my case, I started with a Mongol pencil 😀

Keep scrolling though because I showed a few pens I used for practice writing. 🙂divider2


Now let’s get down to business, let’s do the drills!

First drill is the UPSTROKES. Upstrokes are light and by the name itself, you start writing from the bottom then make your way up – in a light manner:

*by the way excuse the audio haha. 


Second drill is the DOWNSTROKES.  This is the exact opposite of the first drill. You start your pen on top all the way downward in a heavy manner:


Third drill is combining the first two drills – Upstroke + downstroke, in that order. So your hand pressure will now move from light to heavy –  which to be honest isn’t very hard:


Fourth drill is more of a challenge for others because it’s the opposite of the third drill – meaning your hand pressure will shift from heavy to light:


Fifth drill is probably the hardest because you have to do the third and fourth drills continuously now, which is a bit confusing for beginners. But you’ll get there, just keep on doing it and you’ll go with the flow eventually:

*sorry for the erasures, I thought I recorded the first run but no. So I had to erase are record ‘again’


A little extra drill that I do is the repeating loops. It isn’t exactly necessary for beginner drills but it it’ll help you much better with controlling hand pressure:

*the video is wiggly at this point, my drills wasn’t perfect too – it’s really hard videoing yourself while writing, you know lol.



And just like a new born baby, we all have our firsts. Lol. After your drills, you are now ready to start writing your first word. I believe the most commonly practiced word for calligraphy is the word “MINIMUM” because of the constant exchange of up and down strokes:

Apologies for those annoying little strands of hair – didn’t noticed it while recording. Anyway, that is it. here’s a few pens you might want to consider after you’ve practiced (hard enough) your drills:

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Drawing pens have round like tips and is good for practice.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Felt tip “brush” pens are perfect for those starting calligraphy because it’s firmer than real brushes – which makes it more suitable for practice writing. Try using this with the drills!


Real brush pens and inks, I suggest you try using when you are confident with your felt tips already. Real brushes require more control with pressures.
Real brush pens and inks, I suggest you try using when you are confident with your felt tips already. Real brushes require more control with pressures.



Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

There you have it! I hope you learned a thing or two in this blog post. I’ll be sure to come back with follow up exercises and sample videos for you to watch!

Just remember to keep practicing and don’t lose your drive. Nobody started an expert. Each and everyone of us had to start from the beginning and believe me, it will all be worth it when the time comes that you’ll see your progress. Okay? So grab your pens now and start writing!