Review Policy & Rating System

Hi author/publisher-friends, I do accept books for review, however, there are a few pointers that you should know before we proceed with such fruitful agreement.

genre love

  • Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Horror
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy/High-Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance
  • Middle-grade

genre hate

  • Health/fitness
  • Religion
  • Self-help books
  • Erotica

I accept books/ARCs in physical/printed format (preferred) or e-book copy in epub format.

And it is also important for you to know this info…


5For books that I ABSOLUTELY, IMMENSELY, IRREVOCABLY loved! Books that I will most probably re-read in the future or frame on my wall someday… Okay, that’s a bit overrated. But highly recommended to say the least.



Books that I enjoyed reading so much yet there are things that could’ve been more appealing to me – like, the characters, the setting, the choice of words, the POV, etc. These are books that I still recommend and might probably re-read someday. I also have 4.5 rating which I think you get the meaning anyway.


3These are reads that I like but I have some issues with, obviously a much concerned pointers than my 4 star rated books. I will say I recommend it for others to read because I want to know their opinion about it as I am quite unsure about myself at this point. I have 3.5 rating as well which again, you get what I mean.


2I can safely say that I did not enjoy the book at all. I finished it and may have liked very few parts but to say that I recommend it is probably hard for me. I give a 2.5 rating though which means I might encourage others to read the book as well to see if we differ in thoughts.


1I DID NOT FINISH this book. Probably because it was not was I have expected, or probably because I feel that it was offensive or whatever. Although tbh, to date, I haven’t rated a book with a single star yet. 🙂



Another important reminder is the time issue. Inasmuch as I would like to review all your books the earliest time possible, I cannot promise that I will attend to them as soon as I got the book. I can post pictures on my Instagram account as soon as I have the book for initial awareness but to review them soon enough is something I cannot assure. So if timing is a big deal for you then I am afraid to say I may not be the right reviewer you need. And the truth is…. *whispers* I’m a slow reader. 🙈

Should we be in understanding of these terms, then please go ahead and contact me. I’ll be happy to hear from you!