aboutHi there people! My name’s Nikki (despite my “Alice” username and page).

Welcome to my very own uncoordinated blogging site, I’m assuming you are book lovers yourselves ’cause you somehow managed to get to my little messy page. 😀 But I’m trying to be as diverse as the universe as possible, so I might be punching in non-book related stuffs here as well – which I sincerely hope you’ll like.

I am a woman (girl at heart), 26 years young, pet lover, amateur painter,  lover of arts and crafts, book reviewer and hoarder, pen scavenger.

Here is a little bit of everything of or relating to my bookish adventures a.k.a. book hauls, book haunts, reviews and crafty experiments and anything in between.

I hope you find something you like here.

Oh, and check out my parent website where you will find the links to my stores -> http://alicewonderbookland.wix.com/rabbithole

Cheers! 🙂



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