Adventure Blog: Climbing Mt. Daraitan


Hey guys! So here I am nursing a sore body and taking a break from my nerdy self and showing off my inner adventurer self. Lol. So yeah, I went to climb a legit mountain last weekend! This is my second time and I failed to blog about my first 😦 (maybe i’ll try to when I gather all the pictures – for now let’s settle for this).

This will probably be helpful to my friends here in the Philippines who also wanted to try a little adventure this year, and who knows – my foreigner friends could find this post useful too should you decide to fly here 😀

Anyway, let’s get to it!


It is already our 2nd time to climb (me and my bf) so we know roughly by now what essentials to bring when we go on a hike! Here are the things you need to bring with you, but remember PACK LIGHT, you don’t want your bag to be holding you back:

  • WATER (sooooo important, we brought at least 1.5 liters and 1 liter of Gatorade)
  • FOOD (you may eat lunch before or after reaching the summit, you need energy so bring baon!)
  • JELLIES/SOUR CANDYS (I thought this was a joke but it really helps! It energizes you instantly when you’re already too exhausted to go on)
  • PLASTIC BAG (for your trash! never litter in the mountains please!)
  • CLOTHES (to change, by the end of the climb you’ll be sweaty and dirty, make sure you have clothes to change into.)
  • FIRST AID (like band-aids, betadine, alcohol, etc. – accidents may happen)
  • WET WIPES (for cleaning hand when it’s time to eat)


  • Mosquito repellant (if you’re like me that mosquito loves to kiss, then you need this in the wilderness)
  • Slippers (if you’re not to confident that your shoes will survive the wild, go ahead and bring light slippers)
  • Gloves (I will consider this a must though since some rocks are sharp! but not everyone needs it so…)
  • Walking stick (it helps if you’re super tired but not really needed)



So I live in Manila, and Rizal is one of our provinces in the South so it will still be a few hours travel to get there. We traveled to Shaw Boulevard to meet up with my bf’s officemates who will be our companion in this hike. Luckily, one of them was able to rent a van that could transport us straight to Tanay. We paid 450 pesos/person which is cheap to be honest. I heard the commute from the town proper of Tanay to the actual registration area for hikers is excruciating so renting a van (especially if you are a large group like us) is definitely recommended. If not, you will travel by a Tricycle (and it’s a LOOOOOOONG uncomfortable ride). We traveled from Shaw Blvd. to Tanay, Rizal in about 2 1/2 hours.

We left Shaw at around 5:30AM and arrived at the registration site at 7:30 to 8:00AM. You have to pay for your tour guides which costs 500 pesos (that you can split with the group) and an environmental fee which I think is 75 pesos. It was already raining by that time unfortunately so we were all a bit worried this climb might be hard for us. We started the hike at around 8:45AM.


The tour guide assigned by the Town officials will ask you which trail you prefer, the long or short trail. Different is this: Long trail is well OF COURSE longer but assaults isn’t that much compared to the Short trail that is 90% assault (meaning, majority of the path is steep). Almost all my companions are boys (in fact we are only 3 girls) and everyone chose the short trail..

photo grabbed from JD Ro (Facebook)

You see in this picture that our trail is CRAZY MUDDY! It was raining almost the entire time, which is thankfully not strong tho – just a drizzle, but still enough to make our path way wet and slippery. That was the biggest challenge: to climb without slipping and hitting your head in all those sharp rocks.

Path to the summit has only 3 stations, I think each station has at least a 45minutes to an hour gap away to each other.

Here we are at Station 2 (Photo grabbed from JD Ro Facebook)

After reaching Station 3, there will be another 15 to 20 minutes steep hike all the way towards the Summit.


And tadaaaaa! After 4 hours of that grueling, brutal climb – here I am at the top! We reached the summit at exactly 12 noon!

Photo is taken by the Tour Guide

Having to stand at that peak is incredibly nerve wracking! I ain’t afraid of heights – but man this made my knees go weak! Haha. That is why my standing position there is sooooo awkward! But boy oh boy that view is WORTH EVERY FREAKING KNEE WOBBLING THERE IS! It’s beyond gorgeous!

If you are not very brave to take a picture in this part of the Summit, there is another area that could make up for it. You just need to get the proper angle. Here’s a group pic of us in that place:


Or you can just simply take photos of the view. It’s too pretty not to snap. Instagram-worthy, I am telling you!

This place looks like a straight crop out from an enchanted forest with magical creatures or something. 
I tried going to the farthest rock formation but the rocks i’m stepping in aren’t too stable and it will be a nasty fall if ever so… 😀


thumb_iovz3917_1024Okay this I have to be honest with you, if you think climbing up is hard – THINK AGAIN. Going down is WAAAAAAY harder – my exhaustion almost ate me alive. Haha.

The main reason it was harder is because it’s still raining and going down on slippery mud is not in the very least ideal – it’s brutal! Almost all of us slipped or near-slipped in some way but thank God none of us had any serious injuries, just minor cuts and bruises.

Despite feeling tired we just went ahead because we have no choice but to go down right? Unless we want to stay there in the mountains come night – uhm, NO.

Going down probably also took as 4 1/2 hours at the most. The longest 4 1/2 hours of my life so far! Haha, I literally cannot stand without support at about 30 minutes before we’re over – I am almost crawling for my life. lol


But alas, it ends, and here we are at this amazing river that we were viewing from the summit! We washed our mud-caked clothes and shoes there too!

Photo grabbed from JD Ro (Facebook)
Isn’t she lovely….
Isn’t she wonderful… 😀
I couldn’t stay long in the water though because I am freezing cold! It’s still raining at this point and winds are so strong! Yikes!


There’s a store there near the river so we had hot Lomi first before heading back and bathed and changed our clothes there too. The walk to the tricycle bay is long too, it was dark when we already got there which is a bit scary but people there are nice so nothing to worry about.

We reached the registration site at around 6:30 and then we’re back to our rented van at about 7pM.

We arrived in Shaw Blvd. at around 9PM.


And that is it for my adventure blog! Hope you enjoyed the view as much as I did! My pictures don’t do it justice though, I wish I could bottle everything that I saw – it was just magnificent.

If you want to see more of something like this check out my travel blog post last year here.

Until next adventure!







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