Top 5 Anime Shows You Need to Watch!


Nobody’s too old for animes… I’m 20 plus years young (you do not need to know the exact) and I still watch them alright! I got no time for other’s BS telling us we should grow up, so here I am, recommending you my TOP 5 anime series or shows that you definitely need to watch before you die – well.. don’t die, but just watch these will you?

Without further adieu, here are the shows I love for you to watch IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER…

divider4kimi-nikimi_ni_todoke_vol_1 what-about

So I am starting with the feel good show and there weren’t so many anime shows that made me all giddy and light than watching Kimi ni Todoke! Okay.. it’s romance, school life, comedy kind a show and if you aren’t a fan of those STILL, go and watch it! Haha, I swear YOU.WILL.LOVE.IT!

It’s about a girl named Sawako who’s being feared by her classmates because of her appearance (and not to mention her name sounds like the well-known girl from a horror Japanese film). Rumor has it that she could see ghosts and spirits but the truth is she is only a shy girl who also long for friends and companions. Everything changes though when the popular boy, Kazehaya began talking to her. She met new friends and people also see her real personality. Soon, love blossoms for these two and it is cute AF! ooops sorry.


Okay, watching this felt like I was transported back to high school! It makes you feel young and in love! Everything about this show is just so lovable. I watched this like a hundred times already and more marathon to come in the future! If you are down and sad and don’t know what to do with your life, watch this – then at least something in your life is good (at least for about a quarter of an hour). And I want you to be happy so please watch this okay?







100 years before our story begins, giant humanoid creatures called Titans starts appearing and nearly wiped out all of humanity. They do not appear to need food and yet they instinctively attack and eat human on sight. Those who survived were forced to live inside three big walls – the outer called Maria, the middle is Rose and the innermost is Sheena. Fighting the Titans is the military which is divided into three branches: The Survey Corps who goes out of the wall to reclaim lands from Titans, although they were often mocked and called suicidal because of little progress and great number of death tolls; The Garrison are the ones assigned inside to keep peace inside the walls and guards civilian; last is the Military Police whose sole responsibility is to guard the Royal family.

All of what’s left of humanity managed to live at peace for at least a hundred years without even seeing a Titan until one day a Colossus Titan appeared after a lightning and breaches the outermost wall. The story then revolves around a boy named Eren and her foster sister Mikasa and their childhood friend Armin as they were forced to leave and all vowed to avenge what has happened to their home.


I don’t think this is for the faint heart – if you don’t like shows that makes you nervous and gruesome and those that are full of deaths then I guess this won’t be your cup of tea, because this show is so full of it. I suggest you don’t get too attached to the characters because well, you’ll never know. But d*mn this show is sooooo amazing! So action packed and the story was just so well put! I swear the only thing that I disliked about this is WHERE IS THE NEXT GODD*MN SEASON?! It takes forever, I heard it’s to be released soon though.. Anyway, I’ve already read the manga. HA.





This story takes place in a world where Alchemy is the most practiced science. Alchemists with help of patterns called Transmutation Circles have the ability to create almost anything they desire, but they must provide something of equal-value in accordance with the Law of Equivalent Exchange. The only thing they are forbidden to transmute are humans and gold. The main characters here are Edward and Alphonse who lives in a rural town along with their mother and their father who later on left them for not apparent reason. A few years later when their mother died, they performed the forbidden technique of human transmutation in an attempt to resurrect her. As expected, the transmutation backfires and in law with equivalent exchange, Edward’s left leg and Alphonse’s whole body are destroyed. Edward then sacrificed his right arm to rescue Alphonse’s soul, binding it to a suit of armor with a blood seal. Their old neighbor and family friend who happens to be an automail mechanic made Edward’s arm and legs. Being skilled now in use of alchemy involving metal materials, Edward was then invited to become a State Alchemist – they are alchemist who work for the government and are automatically given the rank of Major in the military. Edward later on agreed in hopes of researching a way to bring back their bodies – especially Alphone’s.


I actually didn’t expect that I will like this show but gods, I LOVED IT! It was sooooo intelligently written and intense and just WOW. It’s like nothing i’ve ever watched before. It will make you feel all sorts of emotions and grips you every single freaking episode. I just love it! One of the absolute bestest! I can’t recommend it enough, just watch it okay?





This takes place in a world called Earth-Land where places are full of mages. They form guilds to hone their magical abilities and apply them to paid job requests. A girl wizard named Lucy runs away from her wealthy home in hopes of joining Fairy Tail – a guild famous for its members’ overly destructive antics lead by Makarov. Luckily enough, she crossed paths with a member Fairy Tail, Natsu – a wizard with dragon like abilities and his cat friend called Happy who invited her to join the guild after overcoming an obstacle. They formed a team inside the guild and later on joined by Gray, whose power involves ice, and an armored wizard named Erza who is feared by many… and then their adventures begins.


I am not a big fan of anime shows involving the use of magic but oh boy this show – I AM HOOKED. I was literally addicted and can’t get enough. This is that type of show that makes you feel proud, and your heart happy. So full of adventures and no dull moments AT ALL. Totally the bomb!




Clannad revolves around the story of Tomoya, a high school student who does not have a very good relationship with his father. One incident that led to him dislocating his shoulders marks the even more drifting apart of their relationship. He tends to separate himself from the rest and comes home late every night which led to him being delinquent. He has a delinquent friend though named Youhei who he constantly hangs out with. At the beginning of the school year, Tomoya meets Nagisa, a year older girl but happens to be in the same year as his because she stopped during the previous year due to her sickness. She desperately wanted to join the Drama Club only to find out that the club was already inactive. Tomoya then decided to help her reform the drama club that led them to meet other people who turned out to be friends.


To be honest, I wasn’t a very big fan of animes with this kind of drawing style, like that overly big eyes and antenna hairstyle (lol), but a random person – who I honestly forgot –  recommended this to me and told me that I will surely love it and the rest is history. I remember this being the very first anime that legit made me ugly cry. This show is deep and full of metaphors that were used so well. It stayed with me for awhile after watching it. Oh, watch the After Story too because that’s where it gets sh*tty and yet beautifully true. I swear the song will stick to you! 😀


And you think i’ll stop there? Well, you’re wrong!





This one isn’t actually a series – it’s a movie so I’m considering it as a bonus recommendation to you. I just can’t help not telling people about it when I have a chance, lol. And I won’t be giving like a summary because I think this is best experienced when you have no idea about it (just as I was). But I assure you – THIS IS AWESOME! The plot is uniques, the plot twist is genius.  I love it so much and I hope you will as well! It’s fairly new too!



And that is it for my recommendations! Hope you watch these shows if you haven’t, and if you already have, well let’s just fangirl together! ❤

Talk to you soon!




8 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Shows You Need to Watch!

  1. I’ve read the first ten numbers of Fairy Tail, and I really really like it, so I’m thinking an animated series cannot possibly be worse, as it brings these awesome characters and events to life! I’m a sucker for magic though, so I might be a bit biased!


  2. Great list and nice range of genres covered here. Definitely agree that Kimi ni Todoke makes you feel giddy and light. It’s slow moving but you can’t help getting carried by the story. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love anime, and LOVED Fullmetal Alchemist too! Although, I only saw the updated Brotherhood series, because I’d been told that it was slightly better than the original. You should watch this anime series called Code Geass- it’s plot-twisty and totally brilliant!


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