Weekly Journal Spread (Jan. 16 – Jan. 22)


So last night (or this morning), while I’m trying to sleep because I’m insomniac af and reading comments on my Instagram, I noticed that some of you really like my journal and some are even requesting to see them up close. Funny thing is there’s nothing interesting about the things I write there though, just a couple of random stuffs I feel like journaling. I don’t do fancy bullet journaling and stuffs like that – I’m too random and messy for the likes of those. I mean I want to try but I guess now isn’t the right time just yet, cause my life is a mess. Kidding.😜

So let’s get into it shall we?

divider4materialsthumb_ppoo2094_1024 My journal was sent to me by the good guys from Klevercase. Loving it so so sooooo much! It’s Harry Potter inspired so why not?! I like how the pages are thick and it won’t leave any trace for the back page no matter how hard I write. Just love it!

And of course you need pens! Contrary to my colorful Journaling in the past, I am now opting for cleaner pages so I’m only using black normal pens here – let’s see how long i’ll keep this going. LOL.

Pens: Pilot Fine ballpen and Uni Pin 02 Fine Line in Pigment Ink.


I know I should’ve started from the first week of the month but my Journal isn’t complete on those parts and I don’t want to be showing you incomplete spreads because DUH what’s the point?!😅

So here’s the spread from January 16th until the 22nd!

***BEWARE of GOT spoiler if you haven’t watched the show or read the book***

click for larger image



  • Try LETTERING! It will legit add character to an otherwise normal journal entries. It doesn’t have to be perfect, go to the internet and copy fonts that you like and start from there. 🙂
  • DRAW a little. I’m no draw-er (lol) but It try once every few entries just so that there is something a little more visual than my letters.
  • Use BORDERS! I looooove drawing borders, it does highlight parts of a certain day and is also really pretty to look at.


And that is it! Give this post some love and comments if you want me to keep posting these kind of stuffs!

Talk to you soon!



5 thoughts on “Weekly Journal Spread (Jan. 16 – Jan. 22)

  1. Loved seeing this! I have been bullet journaling for a while (and I know it’s different) and I really enjoy it. However it was just last month when I started trying to journal, and I say trying because I just can’t write everyday. I don’t know, I was never really good at it but I wanted to give it an opportunity as a way to clean my mind. Don’t know if it will work any time soon.
    Loved the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your journal is incredible! I want to try it but there’s just no way it will look anything close to as beautiful as yours! 😦 Maybe I shouldn’t over think it?

    I really enjoyed this post and it has inspired me to use journaling as a way to unwind and keep track of my thoughts. Thank you for sharing!

    Nihaad | Read & Seek

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