How I Edit My Instagram Photos (Update)


You asked for it and I love you guys, so here it is! This is How I edit my Instagram Photos version 2.o! 😄

If you haven’t seen yet, I have already made a blog post like this last year and a lot of my tips and tricks haven’t changed so you might as well check that out first before diving in to this one. Here’s the link.

My tips there in Instagramming in general from taking photos, proper lighting, to photo types are all still valid and I still practice up to this day so take note of those pointers alright.

My theme though has changed over the course of time and right now, I can say that I am really happy with my current feed *pat my own back*


I am now going for a warm, earth-toned, vintage-y photos and it took me quite a while to be contented with the theme I want, but here I am so hooray! 😛

Now, let’s get going with the bloody detail of how I edit my pictures, shall we?

Here’s an update to the apps I’ve been currently using:

I mainly use VSCO for editing my photos, this is where I get my filters.

From my last blog about editing IG Photos, I told you I was also using the app called Phonto, that one was mainly for watermarking my photos which I don’t do anymore.

Additional apps that you see here are Filterloop – which I use for overlays sometimes;

Snapseed and Lightroom for fixing inconsistencies in photos like lighting, dark spots, over-exposure, etc.

Touch Blur for blurring out parts that I don’t want to show in my photos (like personal entries on my journal, etc.)



I’m telling you again if you haven’t, to check my last blog about editing photos because quite the same process remained the same. Check it out here. (I have a legit tip on natural lighting there and things that will add character to your photos).

I use VSCO for filters and nothing more, and these are the filters that I am currently using:


Fact is, I don’t really use a single filter in all my instagramming years. I always consider the lighting of the photo if a certain filter would look good on it or not. But these two series in VSCO are the ones I use most of the time – it’s the Aesthetic and Moody series. The Aesthetic I believe is free for download in the app, the Moody however I think I paid for it 😀

As you may have seen on my feed right now, I am going for a shadowy, warm and cozy vibes, so I don’t actually just rely on the filters itself, I also adjust the Exposure, Contrast and Temperature in VSCO settings per picture. I adjust all of these things according to my liking and test if it will look good on my feed, then go back again if not.


filterloopA lot of people are asking me this, “what is that snowy thing on your photos”, “what are those white dust I see there”, etc. I’ve seen a lot of accounts doing this already but if you still didn’t know yet, you could use the app called Filterloop for this.

Just import your photo and go to Textures then click Dust – you’ll see different options there that you can choose from.

I sometimes use Adobe Photoshop for overlays if I’m not feeling lazy though.









Editing of photos doesn’t stop there though. Sometimes, lighting is not on my side so I use Snapseed to fix any inconsistencies and flaws that I see in my photos.

The app has a Selective tool to adjust a portion of your photos’ Brightness, Contrast and Saturation.

It also comes with a Brush that edits the Exposure, Temperature and Saturation of your photo.

Love this app (not a promotion, lol).



divider2bonusHere’s a bonus tip for you guys! I’ve been using an app that let’s me plan out my feed for the entire day – or even week (if you have taken quite a lot of pictures). I’ve got 2 recommendations for you, either use an app called Preview or Unum (both are free I think in the App store). It both works well and have the same purpose. I also recently discovered an app called Planoly which pretty much does the same only, it also schedules your post – I might as well give that app a try. preview

I personally use Preview (because I downloaded it first, lol) and satisfied with it to be honest. You can “upload” pictures in it and drag photos to change their position – and it looks just like an Instagram feed so you can kinda see if a photo will blend well with the rest of your pre-uploaded pictures. It looks like this (really just like an IG feed):


As I always do, here I am to remind you that your account is YOUR feed so you do what makes you happy BUT….but, please, always be YOU. We have seen a lot of blatant copying in Instagram (not to mention outright stealing) that it honestly makes me sad because people who have passion in what they do only to be literally copied, will feel disrespected. I have no problems in sharing what I know and what I do but I also want to see people create a content they could call their own 🙂 I’m glad I inspire people and that they sought for my advise and I appreciate it, but sometimes, other people just do not know when they’ve already crossed the line.

So, in EVERYTHING that you do, always put your heart in it and it will reflect who you are. ❤

It took me years of countless changing of themes and filters, experimenting on pictures, looking for inspirations, combining pegs and all that – until I came to this. I suggest you do the same. 🙂

And that is it! I hope you learned something again from this post, let me know what you’d like to see next!

Talk to you soon!




7 thoughts on “How I Edit My Instagram Photos (Update)

  1. I have been bookstagramming for two or three years but recently I took a break of a few months because I wasn’t happy with my content and that frustrated me. Now I’m back and trying new things. I like them though I haven’t found ‘my’ style yet.
    I love your bookstagram!! Thank you for the advices!


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