Pick a favorite: Agatha Christie Book


Hey guys, so if you’ve been following me on my Instagram account (@alice.in.wonderbookland, let me subtly promote that one, lol) – you probably know by now how much I have been recently addicted to the works of THE Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie. What started at as a buddy read with two of my closest bookish friends, ended up me getting 12 more of her books almost all at once 🙊 So you could say I was legit mesmerized, lol.

For the span of only a week and a few days, I have already read 3 of her amazing amazing books. It is personally hard for me to review mystery/crime books because I can’t say too much or else I might end up spoiling for you, so I have come up with a better idea. Since I’ve been really REALLY hooked to Christie’s writing, why not read and collect a few and then pick a favorite so those of you guys who haven’t read any from her yet can get an insight or two.

And that’s exactly what I am about to do now on my very first PICK A FAVORITE AGATHA CHRISTIE!

For this post, I have prepared 3 Agatha Christie books that I’ve read a few days ago, and they are:

  • Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot #10)
  • And Then There Were None
  • The Mysterious Affairs as Styles (Hercule Poirot #1)

So let’s go on with the details now, shall we? I’ll begin with the first one i’ve read: motoe


Notice that this has a #10 on the title, it’s because it is the 10th book of Christie’s Belgian Detective, Hercule Poirot. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I start with the first. You see, I’ve done my fair share of research and I am glad to know that I can read Christie’s work in any order – so as I do not read her lasts of Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple.

This particular book is about how in that time of the year – a surprisingly full Orient Express was stopped by a snowdrift and how interestingly just the morning after, one of them is dead in his compartment – stabbed a dozen of times to be exact. Luckily (or not) for them, one of the aboard passengers of the train is no other than our little detective, M. Hercule Poirot.

Now this made me anxious quite a few times, you see this is my first AC read and to tell you honestly, I had a bit of a challenge adjusting to her writing style – like 2 chapters to be precise. But dear God, after that I am irrevocably captivated! First of all, the setting is a train – A TRAIN! that could either excite you to your wits end or bore the life out of you. But Christie made sure you make yourself look like a fool guessing who the suspect is. There were times that I just thought, “okay this looks so silly what the hell”, but before you know it, an explosive conclusion to this train-long drama is waiting for you!

Rating? 5/5 ⭐s


My next Agatha Christie read is:



This book isn’t a part of any of Christie’s series and for me is PERFECT to start with if you haven’t read any of her works yet!

HOLY MOTHER COW! This. is. the. best! This is the breaking point for me, I LOVED Murder on the Orient Express but this! This is what made me realize I need all them AC books!

This is a story about 10 people who were invited on a private island as a weekend guests by an unknown millionaire – who is most peculiarly nowhere to be found. Eventually, they start dying one by one and more eccentric is the presence of a nursery rhyme called Ten Little Soldiers and how exactly each and everyone’s death match the faith of those in the children’s poem. The question is WHO IS THE F*#%& KILLER!

I am telling you guys this book scared the shit out of me! I had to pause and think of happy thoughts because OH MY GOD the suspense is frightening me! Definitely read this one with the lights on! I read it at midnight with just my fairy lights and a lamp on – I wanted to kill myself for it. Haha. Seriously, this book, the plot, the characters, the writing style, the thrill, the twists, the ENDING – IT’S THE BOMB! Perfectly amazing, I do not know what else  I could say to make you realize this is a MUST read!

Rating? Tsss f*#$%^ 10/5 ⭐s! LOL


My last for this post is:


a3ed6cc231e7b41e51003693ddd47fcdThis one is the first of Hercule Poirot’s series and if you have like an itch to read everything in order, then I suggest you begin your Agatha Christie journey with this book.

In this book we are introduced to Mr. Hercule Poirot, a Belgian refugee of the Great War who is settling to England with the help of the wealthy Mrs. Emily Inglethorp. Meanwhile his eventual sidekick, Captain Arthur Hastings arrived at Mrs. Inglethorp’s house as a guest. Unfortunately, the woman is killed and Poirot is determined to find out who killed the person who helped him start his new life.

As always, Agatha throws in a mix of interesting pool of characters and mistakably collection of motives for killing to create the perfect Agatha Christie experience. This booked hooked me from the very start and although it wasn’t as explosive as the other ones I’ve read before it, I’d say I still enjoyed reading it immensely. Just when you thought that you got it, you’re confident you figured it out, something comes in that makes you question your way of thinking. She’s tricking your mind, Agatha – I have a feeling she enjoys knowing her readers are bugged by her stories’ constant twists and crazy turns!

Rating: 4/5⭐sdivider2

And the winner for the first part of my Pick a Favorite Agatha Christie is… (it’s quite obvious is it?)



Read it guys (if you haven’t) it’s totally worth it! I cannot believe I waited at this point of my existence before I picked up this book. It’s a legit “bookshelf-must-have”!

So, hope I encouraged you to pick up Agatha if you haven’t yet!

This is definitely not the last of my “Pick a favorite AC”, that’s for sure!

See yah!





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