Illumicrate August Box Unboxing


I am beyond happy to have received my August Illumicrate box this early. I usually am the last person to receive a subscription box because I live at the other side of the globe compared to where these bookish boxes usually came from, so imagine my surprise when I receive this one so early of the month – it’s unheard of!

But anyway, let’s get to the unboxing. This box literally made my day and I cannot wait to show you guys what’s inside.


Processed with VSCO with c4 presetSo just like any other box, the first that we see when we open Illumicrate is the welcome letter, which again, I never read because it contains spoilers!

Now off to the contents:

The Golden Trio <3
The Golden Trio ❤

This is the first item in the box that caught my attention! The Trio Coasters from Taratjah Art. You know I love all things Harry Potter and this one is just sooooo lovely. I am in love with it! One of my faves in this box!

Next up is this divine smelling Drink Me Strawberry Tea from Post Tea. I swear guys, it smells amazing! I can’t wait to taste it! I hope it taste is as good as it’s smell. 😀

It's always tea time! - TRUE!
It’s always tea time! – TRUE!

I also got this Gilmore girls inspired tote which says “In Omnia Paratus” from Colorful Geekiness. I have to be honest tho, I don’t watch Gilmore girls so I cannot relate. I know, kill me. Haha

It's cute tho!
It’s cute tho!

Another item that is so cute in this box is these Colouring Quotes from Ashley Poston. They are Six of Crows and Grisha inspired (which again, I haven’t read – screw me). But they are so cute! Can’t wait to color these ones!

The details are amazing!
The details are amazing!

And now off to the books. Yes, BOOKS! ‘Cause this box got 2 in it! WHAT?! How amazing is that?!

The cover is fantastic! <3
The cover is fantastic! ❤

The first book in paperback that we have here is called The Graces by Laure Eve. It is an eerie, dark story filled with intrigue, magic and obsession – sounds really interesting! It also came with a signed bookplate, temporary tattoos and a sweet letter from the author herself, Laure.

And of course, that book that made me squeal loud enough to wake my dog:


Ahhhhhh! It’s Nevernight by Jay Kristoff! I wanted this book so so bad and here it is. In my hand. In a beautiful hardback. Is this real life? 😍  This is a fantasy and you know guys how much I love fantasy! When I heard about this book I am already planning to get it as soon as it’s available on our local bookstores, but here is it already. Warm in my hands.. It also comes with a signed bookplate, an art card and a bookmark!

We also some cool extras from Red Rising, A Torch Against the Night, and Unboxed:

Beautiful prints!
Beautiful prints!

Here is everything put together! I’m so happy!

Literally a box made in heaven <3
Literally a box made in heaven ❤


And that is it for my Illumicrate unboxing guys! If you want to snag the October box, do use my code WONDER10 for 10% off your first purchase!

Check out Illumicrate at the following sites:




Talk to you soon! Cheers!nikkiPost-Divider




7 thoughts on “Illumicrate August Box Unboxing

  1. So many amazing goodies! I kinda regret not getting this box since I’m anticipating to read Nevernight but the box was so expensive and I got the first three boxes so I thought it was time to just let it go 😰 everything looks so good tho!


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