Updated Bookshelf Tour


Hello there guys! It’s been a few days since I last posted here on my blog. I really wanted to update a little sooner but I have zero blogging ideas. My right brain is off somewhere currently so, excuse me for that. Today though, I asked you on my Instagram if you wanted to see another BOOKSHELF TOUR – and you said YES! I was inspired to do this post because I recently bought a small shelf. My boyfriend finally agreed I need another one because of all the books scattered on my bedroom floor. I went ahead and buy immediately before he change his mind. Haha 🙈

I’ll put a little video towards the end for a closer (and moving) look on my shelves so if you want to see that then just keep scrolling 🙂

Now let’s get bloody (not literally) 😅  and list down all the books that I currently own!

Top Most Wall Shelftopshelf

These are the books in this shelf:topshelf 1topshelf 2divider2

Second Wall Shelf2nd shelf

The books in this shelf are:2nd shelf 12nd shelf 2divider2

Outer 2nd Wall Shelfouter 2ndouterdivider2

Third Wall Shelf3rd shelf

The books in this shelf are all series:3rd shelf 1 3rd shelf 2divider2

Fourth Wall Shelf4th shelf4th shelf 1 4th shelf 2divider2

Small White Assembled Shelfwhite small

I’ve decided to place hardbound books that I haven’t read (mostly) here on this shelf, because it’s just so pretty 😍
white small shelfdivider2

Small Wood Assembled Shelf (latest addition to the family!)new shelfnew shelf 1 new shelf 2divider2

And that is it guys! I hope you enjoyed my little bookshelf tour! As promised, here’s a little video for you:

If you want to see my last bookshelf tour, you may check it out here.

Or if you want to learn more about my bookshelves, then click here.

Talk to you soon! Ciao! <3
Talk to you soon! Ciao! ❤







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