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I have this draft sitting on my blog for like forever – I literally forgot about it until I was cleaning my blog of unwanted drafts and saw it. So this is probably the right time to do it in honor of my 75k friends on Instagram! Hooray! Thankie guys! You are seriously the best. 🙂

So, I have summed up pretty much my followers’ DMs and sometimes comments and tweets so without further talk, let’s get into Bookstagram’s Frequently Asked Questions!divider2


This is kind of an obvious question is it? It’s because I hate books…. Lol, of course I love books so I decided to create an Instagram account dedicated for my love of them! I have a personal account and I used to follow popular bookstagram accounts using that. I also post about books occasionally but sadly, I quite receive petty judgements from people in my “real life” because I was a little “weird”.  So yeah, that triggers me to go ahead and create an account solely dedicated for books! I shared quite a lengthy history of how I started my Instagram account here.divider2


Some of the bookstagrams that I so love and really inspired me to make my very own are these lovely girls:

Andie from


Tracey from


Ursula from


I mean, come on! Look at their feed. Until now all their photos still makes me happy! They’ve been my inspiration to work hard on my account and been following them for as long as I can remember. They are all really nice too! divider2


I just checked, and my very first post was on August 26, 2014. So it’s basically almost 2 years (on August) now that I have this account 🙂divider2


I hate to break it to you, but unlike other bookstagrammers, I do not use a fancy professional camera for my Instagram photos. Haha. You can have an account by just having a phone with a camera. I use an Android phone in the past and now I’m using an iPhone. 🙂divider2


I only use VSCO cam for filters and then Phonto for my watermark. I use the A and E series of VSCO most of the time. I don’t have a particular filter because the lighting in my photos are not always the same. I made a post about how I edit my Instagram photos here. You might get a few tips and tricks there. 🙂divider2


There are quite a few ways to meet other book lovers on Instagram and eventually gain followers.

Work on your photos. 

I won’t lie to you and say that photo isn’t important. Damn well it is! It’s Instagram that we’re talking about here anyway and that is the first thing that an account sees in you, so better yet work hard on how to make your photos pleasing and interesting for others.


By interact I mean you reply to comments on your photos, or comment and like the photos of fellow bookstagrammers. Do this, and eventually people with the same interest will find you.

Use hashtags.

You may not realize yet how helpful hashtags are, but man they really do wonders. Some bookworms (such as myself) rely on hashtags on instagram to find follow-worthy accounts. And I am telling you, I found a lot of accounts (that are now my friends) by just going over book related hashtags. Some of the mostly used hashtags in the book world are these:

#bookworm #bookaddict #booklion #booknerd #igreads #totalbooknerd #becauseofreading #bookstagramfeaure #bookishfeatures AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

Participate in Monthly Photo Challenges.

Bookstagrammers do this a lot so they can post pictures without having to think about so hard on the content. It’s also a very good way to interact because even if you guys will do the same challenge, you may or may not come up with different books to photograph because of different views of course. This will now be an avenue for discussion – whether you share or differ in interests. Which reminds me, I am hosting a short one for June! So check that out if and join me if you are interested:

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Join book clubs.

Or better yet initiate one and recruit your members. I personally have never been a part of any book clubs because of personal reasons – like I may not have time to attend to them because of well, LIFE, and book clubs usually have a book/s for the month which I find it hard to commit to, because I am a mood reader. So I don’t particularly join clubs for those reasons. But I am highly encouraging you to join one if those are non-issues for you! It’s really fun to meet new people and discuss about your most favorite thing in the world: books!divider2


Okay, I seldom speak about this and most of the time I tolerate some of them, but telling you this may be helpful for you too. Other accounts aren’t really patient with some or all of these things 😀

F4F and S4S

Again I have nothing against people doing these but it sometimes gets to my nerve a bit when i’m having a good conversation in the comments with fellow bookstagrammers then all of a sudden a wild “F4F?” comment appears. Lol. A little over a year ago, I was oblivious to this kind of things but now, it really does get a bit annoying. So try to minimize these comments and try your best to genuinely interact. Commenting this actually makes you appear as if you are only after the follows. Although that might not be your intention, other people may misinterpret you. The same goes for the S4S thingy. Again, I am not very much against this action, but this is something that I am not and won’t do in the future. I give shoutouts to accounts that I really love and just recently discovered, but I am not expecting for them to do the same thing for me. Because then it will seem that my initial action was not at all genuine. I’d rather we give shoutouts to people that we genuinely like and not because I am doing this because you did that scenario.

People who DO NOT read captions. 

Guys please. This is really frustrating tbh. People take their time composing their captions so a full info about the photo is made available for the followers but then a surprising comment of “where did you get that bla bla?” again appears. I’m sorry but if it’s in the caption already, I almost always won’t answer you anymore. How hard is it to read the entire thing? You are a reader, you love books and you can read them for hours – how hard is it to read a photo caption? Okay let’s say you are not a ‘book’ reader but hey, i’m pretty sure you can read – so go ahead, come on and read that d*mn caption. Again, MAKE IT A HABIT TO READ. (Sorry that sounds a lot like a rant. hehe)

Demanding comments.

Haha, I actually do not know whether I’ll be annoyed or find this people funny. Remember that in bookstagram, no one is the boss of whoever. So don’t boss around accounts saying “i need to have your reply ASAP”, or “COMMENT BACK”. I really do a bit of an evil side eye when I read comments like these. I mean hello, do I look like I have my phone stuck on my nose 24/7?! If it’s really that important to you and if your life surprisingly depends on it, then DO YOUR RESEARCH dear and stop being so demanding. (End of rant)


Oh how I HATE them. I really do. It takes every ounce of self control for me not to unfollow a person (if I am following) if they ever (even once, cause dude it could happen again) post a spoiler. For me these people are really REALLY inconsiderate of other readers. I get it that you are excited, you are elated, sad or whatever about this certain book but to say that THIS AND THAT CHARACTERS WILL DIE, or THIS AND THAT CHARACTER WILL END UP WITH WHAT – that’s just really mean. You may not mean harm but oh boy how pissed people like me could be when we see these posts. If you really cannot help it then at least warn us about it, like a BIG SCREAMING LETTERS OF “SPOILERS AHEAD” so we can go ahead and ignore you. Others say that this is the internet and that they can post whatever the hell we want. But hey, I hope you don’t forget to be human and try to emphatize with others. And they even go to ends blaming the people who are spoiled – lol, that’s just ridiculous in my opinion. I may be overly exaggerating about how I hate spoilers but it’s true, I really hate seeing them. 😀

Bashers and overly opinionated people.

Unfortunately, this community isn’t safe anymore to bad weeds. I remember the time when people in bookstagram just used to have a healthy conversation with each other. Of course disagreements are NORMAL because again, each have different opinions – but it was discussed in a respectful and thought-inducing way. Lately though, people who are quick to judge and have tongues like blades appeared out of nowhere like gremlins! Lol. Seriously, I was surprised that this community turned out like this in such a short time. Some of these people will bash a person just because they like or hate a certain book, or just because a person liked the movie better compared to the book, or even how they arranged their shelves, or because they have many followers. It’s really frustrating and saddening at the same time. People are so highly and overly opinionated these days that they do not care whether they hurt the person’s feelings anymore. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING AN OPINIONATED PERSON, that’s actually good – just as long as you don’t intentionally hurt other people with your comments. It’s not hard being considerate after all. It’s sad that some of these people just live to bash others away. So yeah, they are my ultimate pet-peeves.divider2


If you really are gearing towards an account for bookstagram then snap a picture of your books away! Photographing your bookshelves (if you have any) is also a very good start! If you are having a hard time coming up with a content, let me go back to my suggestion to FAQ No. 6 and participate in monthly challenges. 🙂

divider2faq9 No one else can answer this question for you but yourself. Themes are best delivered if it’s the person’s real interest. 🙂 Like I love to appear a little wonderland-ish and a feed that’s elaborate, so I go with my current theme; or I really like a simple and classy feed then I go with a minimalistic feed. Do not be afraid to try different ones until you come up with something that you really want to keep. I have had a LOT of themes and I didn’t actually realized I was doing “themes” until people pointed it out. So I suggest you do the same. Do not think about it too much, just do what you gonna do and eventually you’ll be contented with how your feed looks.

This is my feed in the past. Back in August 2015.


My current feed. May 2016.



Truth to be told, there is a lot of negativity going on on bookstagram these days, but I just learned to just shrug it off. There are times that I really do want to voice out an opinion but I always tell myself that I do not need to stoop so low on their level. People who “enjoy” having a argument with everyone clearly does not have anything worthwhile to do with his/her time- and I do have a lot so I won’t waste my time entertaining them. I do answer or explain once in a blue moon my views and opinions but if I felt like you won’t let this get away too easily, be assured 100% that I will ignore you and will go ahead and surround myself with positive people that sometimes, these are people that I also met here on bookstagram. I would like to believe that even in this community is somehow infiltrated with a little of these negative-argument-seeking-people, there are still a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE who brings positivity in bookstagram. 🙂divider2

And there you have it! I hope I covered a few of the FAQs about Bookstagram! If you have any more queries then let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer them for you! 🙂








3 thoughts on “Bookstagram: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Love this QandA! I always enjoy your bookstagram account! It’s really creative and beautiful and very wonderland-ish. 🙂

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who just uses an iphone. But I think I do need to find a better program to edit with. I’ll definitely look into your suggestions.
    Thank you! Great post!

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