Why the hate, Bookstagram?


Okay, this is quite a sensitive topic but I’ve decided to finally go on with it because I feel that I need to voice out an honest but considerate opinion as well.

This is just a disclaimer that this post is not intended to create an argument, it was actually otherwise – I want it to end the misunderstanding, judgement and all these sorts of bad blood going on in Instagram.


First up, this “shout out for shout out” posts. I personally am NOT a fan of this one. I’d rather you give me an appreciation post and vice versa because we genuinely liked each others account and not because I have an SFS contest going on somewhere. But I don’t ridicule people who does this. I always have this belief that whatever a person does, he/she does it for a reason. May be to discover more accounts? gain more friends/followers? I don’t know and whatever it is, I will never know, and that reason alone of not knowing does not give me the right to make fun of the person. If I am irritated that much because of this certain posts, I’d rather unfollow and let it all go than go to social media and bash the person away. I didn’t just only not waste my time, I also spare the person’s feelings.


I get the sentiments everyone, we all take our time joining these searches for company representatives but it may seem like the same people always wins. I personally do not see the relevance in this as well but I don’t judge the company for doing so. They are entitled to their own tactics and marketing stunts and I am no one to judge. I’d give it all out too to make my business succeed and be known in the market.

So yeah, it is probably true that the same accounts always wins. But the thing is, everyone STILL  joins. Why? Because we hope it will make a difference. And people these days does not simply live on “what ifs” – and so we take the chance, no matter how slim it is. So again, I don’t understand why there are people who will dictate others not to join the searches just because “the popular accounts always wins anyway” belief. What if not this time? I seldom join rep searches and I only do when I truly believed on the product and not because I solely want the free stuff (the free stuff is great of course). Story time: You won’t believe this but I had joined a rep search in the past and I was not selected and I’ve let it go because I respect their selection process of course – only to be messaged by the company saying they really liked my account but my location isn’t ideal and gave me a discount instead. What do you mean not ideal? My country rocks, dude! Haha, No, I get their point of course, they’d rather have their reps nearer to them so the products arrive faster, is what they’re saying. I kinda lie-lowed on joining rep searches after that. See, everyone has their share of not so pleasant stories. Do not make everything about yourselves and make others agree to you as well.


Following that earlier point, I’ve been seeing a lot of indirect hate for popular accounts lately and it makes me feel certainly bad about this. It’s not a secret that I myself have garnered quite a few following on my Instagram account. But I don’t and will probably NEVER consider myself popular. You guys, i’m still a normal person – I still do the dishes, I babysit my nephews and nieces, I still pick my nose when I’m alone (lol). You get the point, all these accounts with quite a number of following are still HUMAN BEINGS. I don’t like it when people refer to them as though they are some kind of an institution (or worse cult) that does this/that. I don’t like the way they are being judged just because they support this brand or won a contest over there, or doesn’t reply to a comment, etc. Let me elaborate on that last one and believe me when I say guys that if I make an unbreakable vow to reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on my IG account, I will live the rest of my life in social media. Which is not what I want and I hope neither do you. I really try my very best to reply, believe me – I really enjoy interacting with you, but to attend to all of the comments and DMs immediately is really hard. And that is not because “I-am-popular-so-I won’t-reply-to-you-anymore” stuff that other people makes up. It’s because I have a life outside of my Instagram and Twitter accounts too. I don’t get why people hate being judged but they do so with other people. And these big accounts got there for a reason, it’s not like they steal their follower count from other people, most possibly they got there because they are passionate with what they do and people love them for that.

These people are no celebrities but I do not speak for the rest of course. I also am not a fan of some popular accounts who calls themselves famous outright. That irks me a lot. Fact is, it actually makes me just a bit uncomfortable when people say they fangirl over me – no girl, we both fangirls, what the heck are you saying?! Haha, but of course I won’t deny, it’s flattering because as my standing now in the world of social media, I have a very little opportunity to inspire. And I am really trying my best to be an example without letting go of who I truly am. It’s actually a two way advantage you see, I get to inspire you, but I’m also becoming a better version of myself because of that. Do not be “just better”, be the “better version of yourself”, that’s what’s important. Be you a regular or “popular” account – it doesn’t matter. Your commentaries and the way you carry yourself show the others who you truly are.


With all these, it all boils down to opinions. I am a fan of a person who can speak his/her mind openly without fear of being hated. But I do not like it when a person thinks that his/her opinion matters ON TOP of everyone else’s. It’s scary to say that WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OWN OPINION because it will be chaos the moment after. People should always bear in mind to proceed with their opinion with caution AND consideration. It’s a very immature way to just go ahead and say something without thinking about the outcome. Again, it’s nice of you to have the guts to speak your mind but that doesn’t actually give you a pass to comment on all of the things there is that surrounds you. Sometimes, you need to “observe and accept” that not every issue needs your opinion. And yes, think before you click. 🙂

I don’t say this to a particular person, believe it or not, I could not even remember whose comments is whose. I only remember I felt bad when I read them. It has been going on for some time and I felt like I wanted to express myself as well. So again, don’t take this as if I am starting an argument, because I hate that more than anything in this world! 😂

I just missed when there were less dramas in bookstagram. This used to be a fun place, don’t let the years building this community to be a nice place to belong with go to waste. And most importantly, do not create the drama yourself.

Have a good day!😊




12 thoughts on “Why the hate, Bookstagram?

  1. I don’t like SFS. i prefer people willingly shoutout an account because they like their content. it’s more sincere than SFS. (idk some people are obsessed with the number followers). I don’t mind reps though. 🙂 great post btw!

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  2. I don’t like SFS either. It gets a little annoying to think that people do it so often because they want more followers but I don’t mind seeing them on my feed, like how hard can scrolling pass them be? And I join quite a few rep searches too even though I’m aware that my location isn’t ‘ideal’ as well! 😂😂 I don’t see why people have to hate on that. We’re just taking chances. And I’m now a rep for two great brands. 🙈 #hatersbackoff😂😂 Love this post Ate Niks! I learned a lot! 😘❤️


  3. Girl, I think you just read my mind! I feel the same in all these issues, especially about the SFS and the Rep searches. I’ve never participated in a rep search because I do feel like all the same accounts get chosen. Ugh, I probably sound so horrible for saying it but it just feels like a lot of companies pick the “popular accounts.” I can understand why because it’s better marketing but bleh. :/

    I LOVE people who voice their opinion! I think from past personal experiences, I will never be ashamed to voice my opinion about anything, regardless of whoever agrees or disagrees because well, it’s my opinion!

    Thanks for a nice post! 🙂

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  4. Oh, I don’t like the SFS much either. I like to find new accounts, but when half my feed is SFS, that’s gone a little too far.

    I know what you mean about popular accounts. Even with popular bloggers, I don’t always expect them to reply back to me. Not because I don’t think they care, but because I know they have so many commenters already. They can’t possibly reply to EVERYONE and still live a normal human life. I always feel bad when I know one of my favorite popular bookstagramers or bloggers feels the pressure of trying to accommodate everyone. So yeah, I love to get their replies, but I try not to be a demanding follower.

    Great post!


  5. I’m glad I stumbled upon this post accidentally. It is absolutely accurate and especially the part about “popular accounts”. The fact that they get so much bad rep simply for having so many followers is ridiculous – why oh why can’t people just be happy for others! (I am certainly not one of those accounts haha, but I appreciate all the effort these people put into their photos and interaction and I think they deserve to be awarded for it.)


  6. Great post, Nikki! ♥ I want to share a story about Rep Searches. I was chosen before but they backed out because the shipping fee is apparently “too expensive”. I got frustrated and I felt like they just used me. I mean, if they want to do an international rep search, they should’ve considered the shipping fee first.They didn’t even offer some alternatives or gave me discounts. But whatever, it’s okay now. 🙂 I’m still trying my luck with rep searches and fortunately, I got chosen last month by two diff brands. 🙂


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