Three Tricky Tips to Stick Strictly to your Book Buying Ban


Haha, bet I got your tongue a little twisted on my title.  That wasn’t my intention, really. Anyway… so I guess pretty much most of us have been in this dilemma: having too many books on our TBR shelves yet we keep on buying more books! It’s a common thing really, and although it’s definitely okay to have an everlasting TBR (who wouldn’t want that?), sometimes we just really need to stop “buying” more.

So it’s not a secret that I’ve splurge quite a bit… no, TOO MUCH, in the 3rd quarter of last year and a little on the 2nd quarter, well probably the entire year! I just can’t help it – the book fairs and bookstore sales are freaking everywhere. I ran out of shelves space, I bought a small shelf, it ran out of space as well. That was it, I told myself – I have to at least control my addiction.too_much So here I am to share with you three short tips to fulfill your self-imposed “book-buying ban”.


Gather all your TBRs. And by gather, I mean get them all off  your shelves and be surprised to see some of them you forgot you actually owned. I did this on the earlier part of this year and it convinced me that I do not need to buy another one to add to this pile… And besides I’m pretty sure you are running out of shelves space – or coming there at least. Well, gifts are accepted of course, let’s not be mean and not accept them, let’s be clear on that. 😉


SAVE (for something else). Yes guys, it’s hard believe me, I’ve been there. Whenever I have money on my hands, the first thing that comes to my mind is BUY MORE BOOKS!! And to be honest, it makes me feel guilty at times. You see I had this realization recently that I want to be a reliable reader – someone who reads regularly and gives out honest reviews, and not just a plain book hoarder. Well no, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing. But personally, I want to be more that just a hoarder. So, I thought of saving. Saving my “book intended” money for something else like keeping a portion of my earnings for anticipated (or surprise) travels, for my parents’ anniversary, boyfriend’s birthday, etc. And then read the remaining of my TBRs.


Get off of social media once in awhile. Haha yes guys, other bookworms can be really tempting! They will unintentionally lure you into buying the new releases (not to mention, in hardback!) and you will find yourself creeping out of your bedroom and off to a bookstore. That’s how powerful social media (more specifically – bookstagram) is, and although I’m thankful for the influence it gives out to others for the love of reading, I am also bothered by how I am eager to have a certain book just because the rest of them got it as well. So what do I do? I get off once in a while and do other things. I play with my dog, I watch anime, I draw, I do my journal, and all sorts of stuff. It takes my mind of off books (the new ones I want to buy specifically) for a time and calms me. It’s really refreshing to log out once in a while. Although bookstagram is a part of my life now, I see to it that it doesn’t ENTIRELY eats my being. 🙂divider2

And that is it guys! That’s how I successfully stuck to my book-buying ban “sort of”. You could check out my recent haul post to see that I did a pretty good job!

Until next post… and oh!

HAPPY VALFalling_heart




2 thoughts on “Three Tricky Tips to Stick Strictly to your Book Buying Ban

  1. These are great tips Nikki! I especially like the saving for something else tip because it gives you a goal to focus on rather than letting that tiny voice that says “buy more books more more more” get away with ruling your life xD I’m going to try it & hopefully curb my book hoarding addiction (:


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