3 months (or more?) worth of BOOK HAUL!


It’s been a few months since I last did a book haul post and it’s because I don’t haul as much anymore. Yeah I know, it’s probably hard to believe right after my 30+ bought books stunt in a month but I’ve been really sticking to my self-imposed book buying ban, and I think I did a pretty good job. 😉

So presenting… my 3 months worth of bookhaul!!!


1 – So starting from the top is the ONLY book these past few months that I actually bought with my own money. Yep. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve heard so many great reviews on this one so I broke my ban a bit and went ahead and buy this gem. It doesn’t cost that much either.

2 – 5 The next four books which are looking all worn out is from a second hand bookstore in Abu Dhabi. 3 of them are Agatha Christie’s books and my sister got them from me. I have The Mysterious Affairs at Styles, Miss Marple Complete Short Stories, and The Mousetrap all by Christie, and It’s the Little Things by Erica James.

6 – 7 Next in pile is of course the Stars Above by Marissa Meyer which my bf bought for me just a few days ago. I also had Winter by Meyer as well and again thanks to my boyfriend. Both these books are unexpected buys, but ironically, the most anticipated. Does that makes sense?

8 – 9 The next two books are from author friends – I have Storm Front by Diana Robinson who sent me her books along with a couple of items. So sweet! And I also received the next book in Lauren Salem’s Eternal Feud series which is the Revenge of Rivals. 

10 – 11 Next two books are again from my boyfriend – I think i’m rather spoiled. He bought me After Alice  by  Gregory Maguire.  And just a few weeks ago, he surprised me with Pride, Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith adapted from Jane Austen’s original novel of course. I actually posted a heartfelt gratitude posts about these on Instagram. Haha.

12 – 14 The next three hardbacks are from subscription box/bags that requested for my unboxing reviews – I got The House by Christina Lauren and The August 5 by Jenna Helland along with A LOT of awesome goodies from The Lovingly Bookish subscription bag. These two books are part of their November and December bags.  Then I got Da Vinci’s Tiger by L.M. Elliot also with a lot of cool stuffs which is the December box of OwlCrate’s subscription box.

15 – 16 The last two gorgeous books are again, for the nth time – from my boyfriend. I am such a LUCKY girl :)) He got me Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass and Illuminae by Kaufmann and Kristoff.

It’s overwhelming (and funny) that I still have such an amazing haul even if I am dutifully fulfilling my book buying ban. Thank you people of the earth for not letting me down! XD I will probably share my tips on how to stick to your own book buying ban – soonish!

Hope you like my haul!

Till next time!



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