Book Review: Never Never Part III by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher



So this is where it all ends… All the mysteries, lost memories, secrets, revelations… all the hardships of Charlie and Silas, all the confusion… It all ends with this….

rating and review

Some of you might hate me for this but yeah, that’s about all the stars that I can give. Consider me being generous.

I mean okay, it’s engrossing as ever. But hell, it better should be! After that torturous two-booked cliffhangers – it has to be gripping. But I had way too high expectations on this one that it all comes crashing down on me. In a bad way I dare say.

Why? Why is this Mara Dyer series all over again?! Come on! 😫

I wouldn’t give out any spoilers but just pure raw emotions I am feeling right now. I’m sad and disappointed. Those people were right, this could’ve been one book but I let myself being tricked and bought the first two ones being ridiculously expensive as they are, in the hopes that this is a series I can frame on my wall one day.

For me it was sort of inconclusive, somehow, (despite the beautiful writing style of these two authors) it appeared rushed. It was really disappointing to the point that I actually laughed when that “answer” to all these mysteries was delivered.


No. There has to be something more to all these! I waited. I hoped. I prayed.

20 more pages…. I got this. It won’t disappoint.

15 pages left…. surely they CAN squeeze something drastic in 15 pages less!

10 pages….. oh that’s sweet, but yeah can you not joke around anymore and give me like, the bomb?!

5 pages…… you’re kidding me right?

3 pages… I think I missed out something…

*goes back to 20 to 30 pages backward*

*finds nothing*

epilogue…. Santana-glee-rolling-eyes-festivals-gif

So yeah guys, it wasn’t what I wanted but it could be all you ever dreamed of. Let’s not argue on that, OKAY? 🙂

Honestly, these two authors write beautifully. Their chose of words, their humor, the angst, it’s really there. I just didn’t like where the story went. But I do hope you enjoy/ed it. :*

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Never Never Part III by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

    1. Exactly my problem! Stumbled upon this blog to look for further explanations about the epilogue. Really didn’t get that part. :/ But yea, the reason behind all of it was a bit meh.


    2. In my understanding of the epilogue, their daughter and her boyfriend is having the exact same problem they had when they were young because they are fighting and they are disrupting this soulmate thingy that they have. So it’s kind of like Silas and Charlie all over again. Remember when Charlie said to her daughter that they’ll have a vacation for her birthday in a month and she agreed, only to confirm that her birthday is actually still a few months later, that’s when Silas realized it’s happening again. So lame actually if you ask me. Lol.


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