Product Feature: Owlcrate Bookish Subscription Box


Hello guys! It’s been a while but I’m finally back to blogging after a lot of procrastination. Lol.

So today I picked up a parcel from our local post office and guess what it was….

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It’s a bookish box from OwlCrate!

I couldn’t be any happier when they contacted me if I’d be interested to receive a free box to well, unbox. I’ve seen their boxes in the past and been drooling ever since!😂 I had a pretty awful trauma about ordering abroad and online (and shipping here in the Philippines) but this one arrived safe and sound aside from the fact that because of our postal system, we have to pick up parcels in our local post office instead of it being delivered right at our doorstep. But who cares about that? This is OWLCRATE we’re talking about! I’d pick it up anywhere! 😆

So stop right there if you have a pending December box (which i highly doubt! been avoiding spoilers all week!). Here are the full unboxing images I was able to capture:

IMG_3001IMG_3002So this is what it looks like upon opening the box. That little pretty sneaky welcome card has listed all the items in this box and fortunately it says “Spoiler Alert” so I skipped reading it for the meantime.

But seriously, I am already loving this card, I cannot wait then what’s more is in store for me!


The first thing that I saw was this Reading Journal from Chronicle books. It’s so tiny and so cute and it will most definitely be useful to book reviewers like me to keep track of the book I read and is reading. I also love that it looks like a book and it says “What I read” on the front cover. So cool!

reading journal

Next, this subscription box contains the super cute To do list pad from Boy Girl Party.


Did you see that cute octopus reading?! Haha, so adorbs!

The box also has this Little Prince inspired magnet by Sandra Vargas. Our family collects fridge magnets so this is a really cool addition to our collection!


And I am so excited about the next item which is a candle by non other than Frostbeard! I looooove the smell of “Reading at the Cafe” and I cannot wait to try this one comfy night when I am reading alone in my room!


And of course, the book! I think I was a bit spoiled from previous unboxing post about this one but it’s definitely okay, I love this book, I am extremely excited to get to it. It’s Da Vinci’ Tiger by Laura Malone Elliot. This is a historical fiction that takes place during the Renaissance period, where the heroine meets the young Leonardo Da Vinci!


And not only that, it contains an exclusive magnet set so I can create my own poetry! So cool!!! But yeah being the forgetful blogger that I am, I forgot to take a solo pic of that one. 😅

There you have it folks! My OwlCrate December box! If you want to have your very own bookish box then go ahead and subscribe to OwlCrate now. I heard the January box features funko pop which is awesome!

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing post for OwlCrate. I’ll be blogging again next time! Bye!







5 thoughts on “Product Feature: Owlcrate Bookish Subscription Box

  1. Last I subscribed for owlcrate but didn’t get last month I was very sad because I am big big lover of owlcrate I wanted this box so badly but yesterday I received parcel from owlcrate I cannot explain my happiness. At least you know how I feel when get owlcrate box. I must say their welcome card is very different and beautiful.


  2. Hi! Didn’t you get any problem at philippines postal they have extra charges when you pick up your parcel. I was having second thoughts about ordering online but I wanna try owlcrate.


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