I have been seeing @mybookmark‘s well…bookmarks (😂) all over Instagram for quite some time now. And although I want to get it for the longest time, I had to restrict myself because my wallet is on a tight leash these days, because you know December is coming (it already came) and I have a LOT of nephews and nieces and godchildren than you could ever imagine. 🙈 So when Anastasia from Mybookmark reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to cooperate with them, I am ecstatic! Of course I want to! Like any freaking time babe! 😁 And of course, I chose the Alice In Wonderland design, because hello? why the hell not? 😄

Anyway it took a little while before I received a claiming stub that a parcel is waiting for me at the post office. But it’s worth the long wait though! Packages like this one are the kind that makes me forget my hate for our customs.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset


I adore merchandises that takes time to beautify their packaging. It shows that they are really passionate of what they do that even if it’s an extra effort to work on the boxes, they still do it for the pleasure of our eyes. 😍

Aside from the silly pretty feet of Alice, the bookmark has a quote too from the book – which is one of my fave lines from the book btw:

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Isn’t it awesomely crazy of all sorts? How could I have not owned this sooner? This is a must have for every Alice fan. Like for real. It’s amazing!

This is what it will look like in between the pages of a book:

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

Of course I used one of my Alice books, imma hipster like that 😂 But seriously, it’s a match made in Wonderland. I love it.

So yeah, go get yours guys, or ask somebody to give it to you or better yet, give it to someone you know who loves reading. This bookmark will definitely make a bookworm’s day, like it did mine!

Check out myBOOKmark on their sites:

Instagram: @mybookmark

nikkiJLP2013-POSTDIVIDER_zpse7b3fe05Processed with VSCOcam with a7 presetWe’re all MAD here. 



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