Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (Fourth Book in the Throne of Glass series)




I am so sorry guys if I cannot make a non-spoiler review for this one. To be honest I cannot even say this as a review because I will just pour out whatever I felt vital (during the time that I was reading this) into this post. So lets start, shall we?

First of all, here’s a quick synopsis from


synopsisThe queen has returned.

Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she’s at last returned to the empire—for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past…

She has embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, she must fight.

She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die for her. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen’s triumphant return.

The fourth volume in the New York Times bestselling series continues Celaena’s epic journey and builds to a passionate, agonizing crescendo that might just shatter her world.


rating and review


Although I rate this 5 over 5 freaking stars, there will be some comments that you may find negative. I just cannot put another star down because I really enjoyed reading this book whatever the comments I have for it anyway. So..

I’ll start off this discussion with the characters.

So after the epic events in the Heir of Fire, this book started off with showing our poor Dorian still held prison in his own body by the evil Valg prince through the black collar that his father, the King of Adarlan have forced into him. I really liked Dorian’s character through out this series, he was nothing but a guy of class with a heart so pure and so loving. I felt really bad for him when the king ordered for Sorscha to be beheaded (although I do not like the girl, I’m sorry). It’s like nothing ever works out for him. He has an evil father who does not seem to love or care for him at all, he lost Celaena to his best friend, Chaol and he moves on, he  has a magic when his father has so openly executed those who wield it, he loved another woman but then her head got cut off. How miserable can his life get.

Celaena or now prefers to be called Aelin Galanthynius, the Queen of Terrasen comes back to Adarlan to kill the King who made her life a living hell, and avenge the slaves that he orderd to be slaughtered. I don’t know if I prefer Aelin over Celaena or the other way around. The difference this character did make in this book was probably because this is a making of a Queen of the land in the North. The clumsy, witty, unsure and unstable, smart and bad ass girl she was at being Celaena is slowly being put into background. Although there are times that she had to pretend this girl still exists. I particularly loved that part when the will of Arobynn Hamel was being read. Hell that was funny – I saw a glimpse of the old arrogant Celaena that I soo missed. I particularly do not like the part that she is always yearning for Rowan. Like okay, I get it, you had this blood oath whatever and they are Carranam but I just find it off putting that she somehow lacks passion because she yearns for a man. Nooooot the Celaena I know of at all.

Let’s tall about Chaol f*ck*ng Westfall. I mean what the hell Ms. Maas? What the hell happened to my Chaol! Haha, I just seriously wanted to rip off pages that involved Chaol in this book. Whatever was done to him made him look so bad. I obviously loved Aelin so I side with her on their mild to severe binkerings but I also come to realize that maybe this book made him look so freaking hateful so that the ship between Aelin and Rowan happen. I just, I feel sorry for Chaol most of the time. I don’t want to hate him, but his choice of words, his secrets in the past, his arrogance and seeming  not to care at all made me so annoyed at him for all those same reasons. I effin ship Chaol and Celaena in Crown of Midnight and f*ck, it seems like those moments didn’t happen at all. But yeah, moving on…..

Rowan Whitehorn. I love Rowan in Heir of Fire. The distant, cold, fearless Fae warrior that makes Celaena cringe at every move. I miss that. Here in this book I find him somewhat a bit boring. Maybe because there is no magic. I’m also not fan of the way he praises Aelin like the latter is a goddess. Like forgetting how to breathe at the sight of a body hugging gown or like whatever it is that she wears. I know that Aelin is beautiful but no need to repeat those words of appreciation after every 2 paragraphs. It’s too much to be honest. So yeah, I’m not really such a big fan of Rowan in this book. I hope the old flame will come back in the next book.

Aedion Ashryver. Oh I love Aedion. I love the easy character, the bad-ass but funny, the gorgeous but low profile warrior, and the fanboying over Rowan moments. Haha, I just love him. I just wished there was more moments and exposure where Aedion is involved. It’s like he was practically shoved off in the background when Rowan arrived. I feel bad for him for not having the blood oath to his queen because Rowan already took it. Although of course we cannot blame Aelin for this since she did not even know Aedion ever existed (or does she? I don’t know…)

I love that this book gave a small yet touching glimpse of Sam Cortland. I have so much respect and admiration for this character. If there was anyone, at this moment, that I wished Aelin could’ve ended up with – I want it to be Sam. But of course he’s dead. Oh Sam, why?! Why did you have to die?! I cried so hard when I was reading that part when Aelin finally visited his grave (Rowan tagging along, ugh). But I love the words she said, that she loved Sam more than she’ve ever loved anyone, and that he would have been an amazing King. 😢 Even typing those words makes me tear up again. I… i just can’t contain it.. It so f***** hurts! God. Andddddd Rowan comes along. tssss.

I was so surprised that Lysandra, the annoying courtesan, played a vital role in this book. I loved that she suddenly became close friends with Aelin and that their relationship seemed most of all genuine. Aaaand she’s a shape shifter, it could not get cooler than that. I did not see that coming. 😀

In the Heir of Fire, I was so bored with the scenes that involved Manon Blackbeak, I found it a little irrelevant but it suddenly made sense in this book. I was afraid this character would make Aelin’s life another burning hell but wouldn’t you know, someone this beautiful and powerful may come to aid her at all. I like Manon’s character because of her inner conflict – whether to obey her grandmother or think about the welfare of her covens. Inside the outer hard core self, there is a soft spot in her heart that she so forcefully conceals. And this book is hinting a love story between her and Dorian. I just hope this time it will work for Dorian already. Wyrd help him.

We are also introduced to Nesryn Faliq the untold former flame of Chaol and the  ever so reliable being. Always there to help for everybody’s convenience. I like her character because she doesn’t force herself into any relationship.  She is sure of her motives and goals and she does not let her emotions ruin her actions. My kind of girl, as Aelin says.

Some of the events that happened here in this book that really made an impact on me:

  • The epic rescue of Aedion by Aelin.
  • Introduction of Elide Lochan, who is the daughter of Marion, the one who saved young princess Aelin, who is ALSO a Blackbeak witch. Okay. Mind slightly blown. 😀
  • Although I didn’t particularly like Rowan in this book, I am so delighted at the scene when he came for Aelin. It was so touching.
  • The graveyard scene. I will keep on coming back to this page. I swear.
  • Kaltain Rompier’s marvelous defeat of the Valg price inside of her and how she managed to infiltrate the majority of Morath by the use of her Shadowfire. Too bad of a short life for such incredibly bad ass powerful lady.
  • The death of Arobynn Hamel. I was with Aelin in hoping that his character will develop into a better one. But yeah, there is no use in hoping when this man is clearly such a user. So yeah, Lysandra did good. 😀
  • The reading of the will of Arobynn and revealing that he left everything for Celaena. Oh that was epic and funny. I love Celaena.
  • When Aelin saved Manon’s life after their  epic battle.
  • When Asterin revealed the UNCLEAN tag in her belly that was a making of Manon’s grandmother because she bore a stillborn child, it was depressing and enlightening on Manon’s part.
  • The death of all of Chaol’s guards. I was utterly horrified. Ress…. Brullo…
  • That moment when Aelin was pretending to come back as King’s Champion and bringing up Chaol with her but the King knew all this time who she was. That was terrifying.
  • When Lysandra came back for her friends when the magic was finally free. I love her!
  • That moment when Dorian and Aelin joined their magic to defeat the King.
  • When I thought Chaol died! OMG! Don’t you ever do that to me again!
  • THAT MOMENT when the KING OF ADARLAN revealed that HE TOO was under the influence of a Valg creature, and that he was fighting off everything ALL THIS TIME. 😲 What the hell are you saying! But poor old man, he died anyway. I guess I would have wanted to die too when I have done such horrific things. I will never know how to make it right.
  • And to reveal that Erawan, the King of the Valgs is Duke Perrington. Oh gosh, that bastard. No wonder he wasn’t even afraid of the Ironteeth witches.

I guess that is pretty much of everything that I have to say, my disappointments are already discussed in the previous paragraphs when I am telling you about the characters.

All in all it was such an epic read but I have to say that Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire are still my faves in this series.

I couldn’t wait of what’s in store for Queen Aelin and her court!




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