Bookish Subscription: Lovingly Bookish October Bag!


Hey guys! So earlier today (er, it’s past midnight here rn, so technically – Yesterday..) I picked up parcels from our local post office. Yeah, I seldom experience mails delivered right at my doorstep. I usually rejoice and praise the Gods of postmen when my mails arrive right in front of my house. I don’t know about your country’s customs, but here in the Philippines, well – it sucks! It takes the comfort out of online buying, or gift giving in this case. 😒

Anyywaaaaay, enough of custom rants. I love (‘free’) books (if that isn’t too much of an obvious fact) so all my hard feelings does immediately vanished as soon as I unwrapped my parcels.

I will be talking specifically of this amazing bookish subscription bag called Lovingly Bookish who’s owner – Lisseth, so kind heartedly offered to give me their October Bag, So let’s get into it!

bagSo this is what you’ll see when you unwrapped it from the packaging. 😍 Immediately, I fell in love with this mini tote bag. That quote ” To read or not to read, is that even a question?” is ON POINT. 😝

Let’s take a look at what’s inside this already amazing bag:

lovingly bookish

October month’s theme is Dark Blue which means Superstition to celebrate Halloween (although of course it’s no longer Halloween, but who does not like Halloween themed trinkets! 😝) Lovingly Bookish works with other Etsy stores for some of their awesome goodies.

Inside the bag, I got:

  • A cute personalized letter introducing what’s inside the bag
  • A neatly wrapped Hardback copy of The House by Christina Lauren
  • 1 Halloween Clip Magnetic bookmark from Happyhelloco
  • 1 Olaf Mini Funko Pop!
  • 1 Bird Magnet from TheAngryRobot
  • 1 Book review Notebook from YellowPaperHouse
  • 1 Bookish Lip balm from FromThePage
  • 1 Bag full of Candies!

This is a very generous bookish subscription service so I recommend this for you guys to check them out. Their website is at: or you can check them out on Instagram as well at: @lovinglybookish

What an amazing goodies to lighten up my exhausting day! Thank you Lovingly Bookish! 😗




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