Book Review: They All Fall Down by A.K. Mason


Okay so one work read done for this month! Hooray! Haha. I have finished reading “They All Fall Down” by Anna Mason and I liked it! I have posted the blurb of this book on my previous tbr post here.

So straight to my review!


rating and review
3.8/5 🌟s

Before I start, I just have to say that I don’t know how the author got a hunch on giving this book to me because she got so lucky that I am very well familiar with the premise this book has. You see this is about traders/salesman and the likes of people working in big banks and guess what, I’ve workED and been there before. 😂 Nope, I’m not a Trader or a Salesman for that matter, but I HUNT them! Yes, I was a recruiter for an Investment bank for a couple of years (until I decided to get unemployed – lol) so pretty much the entire world building in this book is somewhat all seemed familiar to me. Haha. Given that short of an intro about the connection I had with this book, it’s plain as day to see that I liked and enjoyed reading it. I love stories that I feel a connection with where I can easily empathize with.

First off, this was written in third person and it started with a scene that is utterly confusing that you have to keep reading for it to finally make sense.  I was like “what the hell just happened” “what was that suppose to mean?” “who the hell is he?” “what kind of a fa**ot husband is he?” “what an annoying flirt this lead character is!” and so on and so forth. So I just had one solution, I had to keep reading and wouldn’t you know, there it was –  a flashback to months before the starter scene happened.

During the flashback, we get to know the characters like Alex Kramer who is a notorious ‘perfect’ life planner and people-pleaser (er); her husband Jamie who’s corporate dream fell along with the falling of the company he so hardly worked for; Hank who just seemed like the typical banking “legend” we all heard of.  To be honest, I did not like Alex AT ALL.  Every time I try to justify the actions of this lady, I was just confronted at how all the bad things that’s been happening was her fault anyway. It was just so evident that she married Jamie because of his current standing in the corporate world, or plain as “she married him to be her trophy husband”.  I find her so freaking insincere every time she compromises with him. I so appreciate the author for putting in thoughts before the actual dialog because well, come on! not all the things we say are exactly what we thought of.  I would have loved it more though if this was written in Alex’s perspective or even Jamie’s (like exchanging POVs). Because it actually takes time to get used to third person style.

So more reasons as to why I hate this Alex Kramer goes on….

  • She actually started the whole facade anyway, she was the one who pursued Jamie
  • Such an ambitious woman, wanted to have it all….
  • ….which she wanted to so easily give up when her company was the one crumbling down (and she wanted to drag Jamie along with her!). Indecisiveness at it’s finest!
  • Couldn’t even be with his husband to comfort a family (still thinking about what others would say) I cannot believe that scene with Jamie’s mother in Kentucky. She was so annoying!!!
  • She’s an a**hole when she’s drunk. I can personally tolerate her when she’s sober but I lothe her when she’d enough alcohol
  • She’s the epitome of a crazy unrealistic daydreamer woman.

I happen to love to read about her because I was so freaking annoyed at her character, I came to realize how effective she was. 😂 We are so opposite that I am glad I have an idea of how girls like her think.

I really feel sorry for Jamie, I mean, hello, the guy really was an amazing person, he crumbled because what happened was a disaster and yet he wanted to make everything, most especially their relationship, work. But he was little by little unwanted by this woman when he was not as successful in work as he was in the past. See what a deep sh*t witch with B she really is. I am not yet married but I pretty much know that’s not how suppose a marriage (OR LOVE) works. If he became an insecure, distrusting husband, it was nothing but Alex’s fault. She was so focused to her dream of climbing the corporate ladder now that his husband was a mess so she’s willing to do anything with occasional fake compromises which left her husband more doubtful.

Okay, so the setting was primarily in Wall Street, the home of corporate hungry busy bees. The author does not need such a big help in being descriptive ’cause Wall Street was pretty much famous on its own.

I enjoyed the read but there are things that I have not immensely enjoyed. First, the book was heavy on details, it was becoming a bit unnecessary. Like I imagine a reader who does not have a single idea about trading and reading about the itsy bitsy details of the trade would be thinking “what on earth are you talking about?!”. I mean I get it, it helps that details are provided, but too much of it can cause confusion or worse, boredom. Second point was that I was about 25% into the story and I still have no idea which direction it would go about. Is this a love story, an adult read, a contemporary. So yeah, it was a bit slow at the start for me. But promise it gets better as it progresses. Third and final point is that I didn’t like how it ended, well it could be a phenomenal ending for others but for me it was sort of inconclusive. I cannot explain in details but I was just looking for more.

Well aside from those points mentioned, I have no bad blood about this book at all, the characters are effective, it was intelligently written – the author undoubtedly knows what she is talking about, the writing style was great even if written on third person. Some of my favorite moments were Alex’s dad speech on the wedding, the party in Kentucky, the intense confrontation between the couple in the kitchen – to name a few, and I actually loved the part where exchange emails between Jamie and Alex where shown. I cried at one part and idfk why haha, some of it was hilarious even. I could easily picture this as a movie to be honest.  ☺

So yeah, there goes my thoughts on this good book. Recommend this to smartass ambitious ladies out there!






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