Book Review: Hollow City (re-read) by Ransom Riggs (Book II in Miss Peregrine’s series)


The story started pretty much where the first book ended and I’m afraid I do not know for the life of me how to give you a Synopsis without spoiling the first one. So quite understandably, I won’t give it 😀


rating and review

4/5 ⭐s
It was just as fast paced as the first book and just as easy to read. I still enjoy the conversations these not-so-little kids use to have and how it fascinates me that their peculiarity is somehow refreshingly funny. Like okay, it’s not everyday you find grannies trapped in a child’s body so that’s saying something already 😀

There are a lot of character addition in this book that I particularly love. I love all the children in this story but introduction to other characters are an added bonus. I love how we are introduced to the whole of peculiardom which comprises not only of human peculiar but of animals as well. It certainly felt like as a reader, I am one of the peculiars travelling and taking this challenging and dangeous journey – there is just so much to learn and discover.

The never ending running, hiding, and fighting to survive is to be honest exhausting, but it takes the story to another level, in a good way. I actually admire the will of these children to focus and arrive on their one true goal – well maybe because they are not so much of a children after all. The twists and turns, the so close to victory moments, it just makes the book all the more exciting.

But just as my problems to majority of sequels there is to this world, I find points I do not specifically enjoy too much to read.

First is Emma still annoys me so much I don’t even know if it’s reasonable anymore. Haha, sorry, I just find her every move, especially every word specifically irritating because I always get this feeling that she’s too clingy to Jacob – which gives me a second point, it “kind of” actually became a love story. I hate the cheesy thoughts (if not lines) of Jacob for Emma who comes to think of it, would be her granny if we are to rationalize things. I do not like the idea that he is doing all these things just for this girl’s sake. I hope the third book doesn’t show too much chumminess between these two ’cause seriously, I don’t want their love story. It’s like “young grandpa dates girl- grandpa left – grandpa gets old – girl waits – grandpa never returns – girl heartbroken – boy came – girl flirts – boy falls – girl wins”.  It’s twisted, not likeable twisted.

And the last thing I particularly miss from the first book is WHERE ARE ALL THE INTRIGUING PICTURES?! Like whatever happened to Mr. Riggs’ photo collector friends? The pictures in this book are not very stimulating and not that interesting to be honest, although to give it credit, they still incorporate with the story pretty well. It’s just that close to no photos at all leaves a mark in me.

But still, setting aside all the things I do not so much like in this book, it is still a very good read. The ending pretty much surprised me cause I honestly do not remember it from more than 2 years ago. I want to see how this will all end in Library of Souls and I am so excited. 🙂




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