Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (re-read) by Ransom Riggs




Jacob Portman is  living nothing but just an ordinary life. And that is before… Before the monsters his grandfather had been telling him about became real and no longer imaginary. But with all the peculiarity, he is now faced with a dreadful confusion if this is all really a fact or just him losing his mind after a traumatic incident.

Determined to unravel the truth behind all unusually creepy  things happening to him, he set sail to his grandfather’s former home in an orphanage in Cairnholm Islands. Jacob was more that disappointed that what he’ll see there is a long forgotten decaying big house that was home to his grandfather and the other peculiar kids he was telling him about. It became clear to him that these children may not have only been peculiar, they might also have been dangerous and an unspeakable feeling crept over him that they may still be alive.


rating and review

4.5/5 ⭐s

So yeah, this is a re-read, I probably have read this 3 years ago and it’s still one of my favorite books until now. Probably because this it what really made me go back to reading.

I loved many characters in this book although after the re-read, I found out that some practically annoys me. 😀

Jacob for instance I love because of the realistic thinking he kept all Our_herothrough out the ordeal. Like of course, close to nobody would probably just embrace the peculiarness, at some point you would have doubt yourself. And I love this about the lead character, he has inner struggles and yet he tries very hard to prove that there is a reason for everything that has happened. Although raised as rich kid with practically  no life struggle aside from the occasional bullies, he managed to outdid himself and emerge as a though peculiar, but stronger person.

Emma Bloom on the other hand, surprisingly annoys the hell out of me. 😒 I cannot actually remember how I felt towards her during my first read 3 years ago but when I was reading the story again, I had a burning desire to pull all her hair. (For me) she’s selfish, arrogant, bored, flirty eighty plus year old hiding in a body of  teenager. I don’t like her character at all. Sorry 😦 Maybe that’s what a never ending day in a loop does to a person but ugh I can’t justify it. I’m just really annoyed. Like for one instance she wants to kill Jacob, then at another she was like pinching her way to flirt with him then another snapping at him and then goes back to praising him. I don’t know, are girls all like this? Maybe I hate her because I’m like that? Hahaha, I wonder now if my life is made into a book if I’d be happy to read about me. Hmm, probably, probably not. 🙈

Miss Peregrine’s character for me is a love/hate thing. I mean I love all edd3930c0f79922d252429c67d95276dthe sacrifices she has done for the children and keeping them safe after all these years, but  I hate that part when she said that the lives of the commoner is none of her concern. Although I know that she have devoted her whole existence to the peculiar people so that would be understandable,  I just thought more highly of her that’s all. I guess sometimes people know when they have exhausted themselves enough already, enough to let slip the others out of their care.

The rest of the characters and the children are a wonderful addition to the entire story. Each and everyone of them served a purpose. My favorite of the peculiars are Millard and Horace ’cause I don’t know why so don’t ask me. 😀

The setting and the whole premise itself is very refreshing, it’s something we’ve probably seen already in movies or books but it’s tweaked with something new and interesting. What I love the most about this book is that Mr. Riggs collected and incorporated a bunch of extraordinary, and not to mention vintage photos that does very much support the story. The peculiarity these photos rendered have been nothing but helpful in the entire world building in the novel. It may have been hard tying the pictures altogether to create one spectacular story but the author did a very good job in doing so.

This is a very easy read and I recommend it to everyone.Do not be mislead, this is not some kind of a horror story despite the creepy photo of Olive in the cover. Go and meet the rest of the peculiar children and enjoy the adventure! 🙂




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