Book Review: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire 🔥 by J.K. Rowling (Book IV in the Harry Potter Series)




It would be Harry’s 4th year in Hogwarts and so far, summer with the
Dursley’s have been manageable, thanks to Harry’s idea of letting Uncle Vernon know of his most wanted “criminal” godfather, Sirius. When they reached Hogwarts, they are surprised by an announcement that the Triwizard Tournament will be held at Hogwarts – this will be between three competing Wizarding schools and only seventeen years old up are allowed to join considering the dangerous tasks ahead of the champions. But to Harry and the entire Hogwart’s and competing schools’ surprise, his name was selected by the Goblet of Fire. He will face death-defying task and his best friends Ron and Hermione bowed to help him every step of the way.


rating and review

5/5 ⭐s

Blimey! Oh my freaking goodness.. I love this book beyond words! I know this is getting cliche but gosh, these books are ending the life of me. ‘Cause it’s just so great. I believe this has been my most favorite of the four, (although the Prisoner of Azkaban came in very close). I honestly do not know why I still do a review on this one when i have absolutely nothing to say but good words and you lot know that by now.

J.K. Rowling is a literary genius. I repeat, J.K. Rowling is freaking, literary genius. I cannot believe the intelligence of this human being. 😂 To be writing such phenomenal story, foreshadowing every event that took place. Gah, I can’t handle the greatness anymore.

I AM NOW NOT TOLERATING ANY SPOILERS AFTER THIS POST. Haha, I was seriously okay with spoilers in the Harry Potter series ’cause I told you I watched them already but man, the element of surprise, the twists, the mystery, why does it still f****** kills me?! So no, you are not allowed to discuss with me ANY details on books 5 to 7. I do not trust myself well enough to believe that I know the story just because I’ve watched the movies. 😂 But yeah, this review is full of spoilers, don’t read ahead if you haven’t read the book yet.

Let’s discuss now seriously shall we?

The competition is a great addition to the story ’cause it introduces other wizarding schools that is the same as Hogwarts. And so we are introduced to’the’ Victor Krum, (which first made his appearance at the Quidditch World Cup with the Bulgarian team). Contrary to haters of Krum because his an obstacle to Ron-Hermione love thing, I actually liked J.K.’s idea of putting Krum in between, cause then these two boys (Harry and Ron) get to see Hermione as a a girl and a beautiful one for that matter.hermione-steps-1422290834 I have particularly loved Hermione’s line during the Yule Ball when she and Ron were arguing about how Ron should’ve asked her first before somebody else does and not just as a last resort. Oh the feels. It was already evident that she and Ron liked each other.

I also love that in this book, it was shown how Harry and Sirius have managed to get in touch. I love how it was shown how important they are to each other – like Sirius flying all the way back to North to aid Harry to whatever unusual was happening and Harry not wanting Sirius be anywhere near Hogwarts or Hogsmeade for fear of his godfather finally being caught by the Dementors, Harry so awfully dread. It certainly feels like they are the only one family each of them got.

Dobby, my favorite Elf had been given his fair share of appearance here in this book and I so love it. I adore him so much for not forgetting what Harry did for him (setting him free from the stinking Lucius Malfoy). I am not so sure if this was shown in the movie, but I didn’t know that Dobby is the one who gave Harry some Gilliweed to help him on his second task at the Triwizard tournament.

Oh, there is someone I really hate in this book! That awful liar bug, Rita Skeeter! So effin’ nosy. 😠

Alastor Moody, just hearing the name, I know I will like the character,  but then don’t trust authors to just give you lovable characters don’t we? I genuinely liked the Moody “in this story” because I really believed he was just fond of our boy Harry, helping him out, turning Draco into a ferret (😂). I was so blinded that I didn’t get to see something was in there behind all the goodness. Polyjuice potion is behind it to be exact. Poor old “true” Moody. 😦

So this is where Voldemort finally came back, (like back in a human form, excluding the nose, oh wait where is the nose? 😂😂😂). That son of a traitor Wormtail had made it all possible, and I hate him with all my bones.

An awful lot of Death Eaters have been revealed, although I’m not surprised at all by Malfoy or Crab and Goyle, their sons are just so awful no wonder they got that from somewhere, well their father it is. But Snape, haha, yeah don’t judge but I didn’t know he WAS a Death Eater himself.

Now, I know we’re coming down to this but I…. can I…. can I just cry one more time. I have no words, I will just echo Professor Dumbledore, “Remember Cedric Diggory.” Goblet-of-Fire-Cedric-Diggory-Screencaps-cedric-diggory-17335377-1920-800

So yeah, I was elated, I was surprised, I am furious, delighted, sad. I felt an awful lot of emotions and thoughts I think I need to siphon them out too. I need the Pensieve. 😢








5 thoughts on “Book Review: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire 🔥 by J.K. Rowling (Book IV in the Harry Potter Series)

  1. Aw now I want to reread the books because of your amazing reviews. The feels! They are back TT And agreed that JK Rowling is a genius. This book is one of my favorites too because I like the idea of other witchcraft and wizardry schools! And the tournament ofc! I remember in the movie, Neville was the one who gave Harry the gillyweed. Now I have to plan my reading schedule so that I can reread the HP series! 😀


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