Journaling: For Starters Part 1 📝


Hello there guys! So if you have been following me for quite sometime on my Instagram page (, you would know by now that I love to work on journals. Some of you were asking how and when have I started this hobby and to answer that, I’ve always been a lover of anything artsy and crafty since I was a kid but the essence of journaling per se, I think I’ve learned and have been fascinated by it only now that I am already twenty-six years old. 😂 It’s more of like a de-stressing thing for me. It is very therapeutic in a way that it takes me away from bad thoughts and introduces me to something cheerful and vibrant. 😍

So many of you have been asking me for tips on how to get it started and here’s a few pointers that i’d be glad to share with you.

What I would be discussing for the first part is of course –  MATERIALS. You would need basic things to get you to do journaling and here are the things that you would need to have:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

No. 1: Of course a Journal or any quality notebook is essential in Journaling, because where else would you put your craft if you don’t have ’em?! 😀

There are tons of adorable and cutesy notebooks available in the world, you just have to keep your eyes open for such great finds.

For starters, I wouldn’t suggest you into buying expensive notebooks or journals, or traveler’s notebooks. Being a first timer, you are much more prone to frustration if you do not like the end product. Chances are you will be even more demotivated to continue with your craft and so you will bum into thinking that you have just wasted the material, we do not want that to happen. So for beginners, any such as lined or blank paged notebook/journals will definitely do the divider

No. 2: Pens and markers! These are the next important things thatProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset you need to have in order for you to go on with your journal. I am a self confessed pen hoarder myself so this material has not been an issue to me. I already have tons of pens even before I started to do journals. For beginners, opt for basic colored pens like black, blue and red. Then buy sharpies or any markers of different colors to add life to your pages. ✏page divider

No. 3: Anything arts and crafts related from scissors, glue, staplers, stickers,  patterned/colored papers, colors, watercolors. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Those are the basic tools that you need and I assure you that you could already start journaling away. However, there are tons of other stuffs that would make your journal look even more divider

No. 4: (not required) Tapes. I love washi tapes, cloth tapes, paper tapes! all sorts of tapes. they will definitely make your pages shine. 🎆

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetYou may use tapes for attaching pictures, memorable tickets, papers, whatever. It’s just as useful as glues but a lot more attractive. 😍

TIP! If you don’t have any tapes, you may opt for patterned papers and cut them out in tapes’ sizes and it will look just as cute.

page divider

No. 5: (not required) Stamps. These are definitely not a must to your Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetjournals but it definitely add some splash of fun to it. I reckon though that if you know how to draw, you should put this off your list. 😁 I for myself is not a very fantastic draw-er so I basically want to put in stamps to make my journals come to life and add a vintage-y effect to it. 🙂page divider

No. 6: (not required) Special Pens/ brushes. You may use these in putting in lettering/headings to your journal. I am practicing calligraphy and a bit of painting so it’s understandable that I have these specials pens and brushes with me. I would not recommend buying these things though if you do not know how to use them as they will come off a bit pricey than other pens. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetWater brushes are for (obviously) water colors. You can buy them at art stores or even book stores with school and art supplies. It usually comes in small to large tips.

Drawing and marking pens are for (omg this is redundant) drawing images that will add life to your words. Let’s face it, books are a bit more likeable if they have illustrations on them and it’s just about the same with journals. So with that, I use drawing pens.

Brush pens have inks in them already and are a tad more expensive than other since the tips are real brushes.

Felt tip pens, this one I may recommend for starters since it’s easier to use and manage.

I use brushes of all sorts from round to flat brush for lettering and painting backgrounds on my journal.

That is it for today. 😁 I will be posting again to tell you guys how I start my thing and show you guys sample pages of my journal.

Until the next, cheers!




6 thoughts on “Journaling: For Starters Part 1 📝

  1. Your calligraphy is honestly so good, omg. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy, but I don’t know if I’d be any good at it. Do you think that anyone could learn calligraphy?


  2. Hi! I’ve been following you on instagram for quite some time now and I want to say that i absolutely love yout posts!!! I’m now trying to stop myself from being a stamp hoarder x washi tape since I’m on a book ban. Um? Still not good right? Haha!

    Moving on, i just want to ask (i also live in the PH) you where you bought your “stamp”/”mail” stamps and notebooks w/ craft paper ? It would make my day if you reply! Thank youuuu!


    1. Hello! Oh I know what you mean, the struggle is real 😀 Anyway, I usually buy simple stamps at Landmark and their assorted crafty items there have stashes of stamps, believe it or not most of my notebooks are from there too. 🙂 But if you need more variety of stamps, Invitation House at Glorietta is your best shot I guess 🙂


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