Book (er) Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling (Book III in the Harry Potter Series)



Haha, I seriously do not know if this will become a review ’cause seriously there’s probably only .5 out of ten people who does not know the story of Harry Potter. I have watched all the movies but I it’s only this year that I have come to terms on finally reading the books (because my sister gave me the Bloomsbury’s box set – thank you big sister!)

Okay so let’s get down to business: WARNING! (don’t read if you haven’t read Harry Potter series and doesn’t want to be spoiled)



This year is going to be Harry’s 3rd year at Hogwarts and quite expectedly, he is not having the grandest time at the Dursely’s while on vacation. To prove that he blew up her Aunt Marge and run away from home. He’s hoping for a quiet year to focus on Quidditch but that may not happen especially since there is a notorious mass murderer who escaped from Azkaban’s prison – moreover when this murdered is believed to be after Harry Potter. Aside from this, the presence of the Dementors – soul sucking guards of Azkaban are patrolling the entire Hogwarts makes it all the more worst for Harry and Professor Trelawney’s predictions on his death does not help him at the very least.


rating and review


So yeah, I’ve told you that I have watched the movies but nothing compares to the feeling when I’m reading this book. I am a “bit” familiar – mind you – of what will probably happen but as to why do I still get this elated feeling after every chapter, I do not know why. I am all to close to believing that these books themselves have magical something injected on them by Ms. Rowling. 😂 It’s just so magical yet painfully realistic in the sense that this feelings and emotion the book is enlivening can be felt not solely by just witches and wizards but by plain kids (and kids at heart) as well.  The magical whatnots are bonuses which makes the story all the more spectacular. Aaaand it is really proven to me now that I cannot get all the facts straight when watching a movie 😂 , there are quite a few instances that still left me surprised.

Here are the few things that I have completely missed in the film and I am completely in awe finding out after reading (I think I have to let you know that I have watched the movie probably 7 to 8 years ago):

  • Remus Lupin is the one sitting there at Harry’s cabin back at the train and not Sirius! LOL
  • The reason why Harry’s pocket sneakoscope is spinning wildly (it spins and lights up when an untrustworthy person is around) is because of Scabbers!
  • Lupin is a werewolf and he is NOT the one that Harry saw the night he run away from home (I really thought he was, lol)
  • Sirius Black is also an Animagus who turns into a big black dog! (that explains it 👆)
  • The Marauder’s Map is introduced in this book (I thought it was on the fourth!) blaa, poor memory.
  • The makers of the Marauder’s Map are Moony  who is Lupin (because well, he turns werewolf come full moon), Padfoot who is Black (cause he’s a dog), Wormtail who is Pettigrew (cause he’s Scabbers and he’s a rat), and Prongs who is James Potter ( which is also an Animagus and he’s a Stag in his animal form….)
  • …which explains why Harry’s Patronus is in the form of a stag.
  • Sirius Black is Harry’s godfather (I though they were like Uncles, ugh)

Yeah shameful confessions of my little idiocy. 😕 But at least I know these things now. Better late than never right? 😀  If you want to be happy, you want to be scared, want to be annoyed or want to laugh, or want to simply experience an out of this world feeling, then I would definitely recommend you to grab these books.

And I also have to let you know that so far these three HP books had me crying… because of joy. I don’t know, it’s probably just me? I actually thought this one would no longer made me tear up but wola, the last chapter made the waterworks flow again. It’s just so touching.

I’m off to start the fourth now, may it be as good and as graciously rebellious as the first three.😕

Mischief Managed!




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