Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (Book III in the Throne of Glass Series)




After surviving the contest to be King’s Champion and the worst heartbreak, Celaena must now travel to a new land to face her deepest secret about her true heritage which she have buried into her deepest memories ten years ago. This could change her life and future as Celaena.

The King however have been gathering brutal and monstrous forces over Erilea and his intent remains to enslave Celaena’s world. She knows that in order to defeat them, she must find the strength to fight her inner demons and battle with the evil that is about to be released to the world.


rating and review

5/5 ⭐

Deep breath…… deep breath…. OH. MY. GOD! I freaking love it! I cannot decided if like this better than Crown of Midnight but oh my freaking gosh it’s awesome! 😀 First up, Celaena! You think you already know this girl in the first two books then you definitely need to read this third. More memories, more inner battles, secrets, a girl with the most broken heart and soul – it is just so heart shattering and tear jerking to be looking at what she have been through. To be put in to what she have faced all this time, it’s unbelievable that she managed to emerged as glorious as ever. I loved her in Crown of Midnight and now I just want to scoop Celaena out of the  book and hug her and tell her that everything is going to be alright. 😭

New characters emerged in this book and I love them all. Aedion, Rowan… Ren and Murtagh.. Uhm let’s go back to the first two boys. Heavens, I think they are hot at f***! (Sorry). 😂 Please wake me up from daydreaming because these boys are dragging me to hotness-fictional-boyfriend-land. 😂 The wonderful addition of these highly loved characters just adds up to the awesomeness of the entire story. I love it that even though Celaena left Adarlan to travel to Wendlyn, I can still see what Chaol is up to (and to be honest I hate what he have become – so indecisive and un-accepting), what Dorian had been busy about (or WHO he’s been busy about – I don’t like the girl btw), and what the evil King is brewing. This book is just so thoroughly well thought about that you will almost never miss a thing (save for of course the occasional mind blowing twists). So many boys in this series that i do not, for the life of me, know who Celaena will finally end up with. I was all Chaol before, I pretty much loved Dorian too, but Rowan…. and maybe Aedion too? Hahaha I dont know. Help me with this.

The setting does not stick to one since its an exchanging POVs (which I’m okay with honestly). The whole premise and character development and world building (and shattering) is one hella of an amazing ride that I’m sure will keep you glued to the series. Definitely recommend this series in general. Queen of Shadows is not on my TBR this month but we’ll see. 😁





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