Embracing Second Hand Bookstores

Hello there guys! So what I will be discussing today in my little messy blog is encouraging you to visit your local second hand bookstores! Yep!

I have a friend who is quite becoming a book hoarder herself but has not been yet into a second hand bookshop. She is actually quite surprised to learn that some of my best hauls are from these “thrift” shops.

So just in case you are as clueless as my dear friend is, let me tell you the reason’s why second hand bookstores are just as amazeballs as our local bookstores as well.



No one in this world can argue with me on this one, I believe. 😀 ‘Cause come on, prices are almost less than half the book’s original. You just have to really dig in and find yourself a decent, presentable copy and you will just be as happy as if you got yourself a brand new one.

lotrThese LOTR and The Hobbit copies are all in very good condition. So good they can almost pass to being brand new. Again, you just have to really dig in. And believe it or not, all these are just equivalent to a price of one brand new paperback. Unbelievable, but yeah it happened. It’s probably also my bookish luck. Cause for this part, I didn’t do much of digging. Well, you gotta know if books are really meant for you. Right? 😀

Reason #2: YOU MAY SPOT RARE FINDS AND CLASSICS THERE TOO (but don’t get demotivated if you dont)!

Yes you can! Just like the Harry Potter quote, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remember to turn on the light” – well in this case, use your eyes and your hands. Let them do the work to find yourself a gem. Believe me, in times it can be frustrating to leave a second hand bookstore empty handed specially if you’ve spent hours and hours looking for something to take home. But that is not how it works. The more you think that you should take home something because you’ve spent an eternity there – the more frustrated you become. Allow yourself to leave empty handed at times ’cause a rare treasure is not very easy to find. 🙂


Obviously, I am a big Alice fan and it’s very rare for me to find copies of Alice in Wonderland books in second hand bookshops so this one here is the greatest used bookstore find I had so far. This, after many failed attempts to find one so again, let yourself fail sometime. It’s gonna be worth it when the right time (and books) come.

peter aliceI’ve been broken hearted so many times that the Gods blessed me by finding a Peter Pan book as well, same edition as my Alice. Thank you Booksale!
jane eyre This Jane Eyre classic is from a used bookstore too. And also one of me fave finds!



Haha, that’s weird I know but it certainly feels like that. It’s like these second hand bookstores are big orphanages that houses great pre-loved babies (books) that are looking for someone to love them again. Okay, that’s so melodramatic but I hope you get my point. Probably most of the books in these kind of bookstores have had their previous owners enjoy them and I want to get that feeling of joy a book can bring me as well.

It’s like keeping a flame alive. We don’t just throw a book out in the steamwindow if we finished reading it right, as much as possible we want others to know how good it was and how amazing it made us feel. Maybe that was was the sellers of these used books were thinking when they sold their loved copies. Or let’s face it, it’s probably the other way around, they might NOT enjoy the book so they’re selling it away in hopes that someone out there will be in love with it. Either way, these books are treasures and it just needs the right reader to appreciate its value. 🙂

I guess that’s it for my main reasons why we book lovers and hoarders should embrace used book stores! If you know of any more reasons, please do comment them down below!

Until the next, cheers! 🙂



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