Book Review: The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh



This is a story about a murderous/heartless/monster boy king named Khalid who picks up a bride every night and kills her by wrapping a silk cord around her neck come morning.
Unfortunately, Shahrzad’s bestfriend, Shiva falls victim to this boy king which leds Shahrzad to vow to avenge her dearest friend. She volunteered to be married to Khalid so she could kill him and end the sufferings of many families who lost their loved daughters. Each night, she has prepared stories that enchant the boy king and ensure her survival. Unexpectedly, she finds herself believing that Khalid is nothing what she expected him to be. She began to fall in love with a boy who has dark secrets that haunted him and the entire land he is ruling.


rating and review

This is a book of romance, fantasy and mystery – a good combination of the three for that matter. It took me about a week to finish because honestly, although it has a really interesting premise, the earlier part kinda bored me.
But seriously, there’s only little that I would like to change in this story. The plot is really interesting, the setting is so rich and words used are amazingly descriptive I can almost feel myself in there. This, even though the story was told in 3rd person. My God, this book made me hungry even when I had a day’s worth of full meal. 😅 To be honest though, I experienced a great deal of guessing what these arabic word means only to find out there is a glossary at the back. 🙈 Anyway, the characters are well refined, their purposes in the story are planned and well delivered. Plus some of the dialogues are really funny – another plus!
The thing I just wanted to particularly develop is that the scenes kind of jump from one to another. Like one particular scenario could be at a different chapter and yet it’s there, so some exchanges appears to be rushed.
The romance I love in particular. I’m really not that of a big fan of romance but this one has just the right amount of it and yet I swoon all over the choice of words overnight. 😍 ‘Joonam’
I need the 2nd book immediately, because I still have a lot of unanswered questions! 💕




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