Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman



This is a story of a man who returns to his old home to attend a funeral. He then finds himself heading to the end of the road where there lies a ramshackle farmhouse which houses what he remembers an 11 year old girl along with her mother and her grandmother – he was seven when they’ve all met. He went to the pond at the back of the old farmhouse and that’s when all the long forgotten memories came flooding back. Memories that are too strange, too frightening and too dangerous to happen to a little boy he used to be.


rating and review

I honestly do not know how to start. Ever come across a book so magical, so haunting, so unique and so deep, you do not even know how you begin to describe?
This book brings me back to childhood. This is a story so strongly nostalgic I can almost sense what the main character is feeling. If the character is ignorant of the things around him, I as the reader is as innocent; if he the character is frightened, I as the reader feel terrified; if he is in pain, I can almost feel it; if he’s calm and collected, I feel equally safe; If he’s happy, I am just as delighted. Gaiman is THAT good!
This is a book I cannot review in details without giving out too much because I have seen so many things happen in as little as 180 pages. So many and yet so surprisingly personal that I do not have it in me the right words to say to do the book justice.
I’ll read this again when I grow much older and I know I will once again experience the ride of life. So good! So good.




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