Book Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas





Celaena Sardothien emerged as the winner in the throne of glass’s competition to become the King’s Champion – or someone who would do the dirty work/killing in behalf of the king. But Celaena knows that the king she is serving is right on evil so she hides her secret vigilantly. But keeping her secret had been proven hard especially after she finds out that she is not the only one seeking for justice for the horrible things the king had done. Betrayal after betrayal revealed until one horrible night, a tragedy that could shatter Celeana’s world happened forcing her to decide where her loyalties should lie.


rating and review

5/5 starssssss
WHERE DO I BEGIN? This book is so freakin awesome! 🙈 This is an undeniably great sequel. I did enjoy Throne of Glass but I told you I was disappointed with Celaena herself but thank the Wyrd! It looks line Ms. Maas has answered my prayers! 😁 Celaena is one heck of a badass fella here in this book.
The author did a very good job in the character development of all the characters. Dorian most especially surprised me. I cannot believe that the prince I was reading about in the first book is the same as this one here in the second. And you know what? I like him better now. Oh Gods, Chaol, please show me more or else.. 😅

I love everything not just with Celaena but with everything about this book!
To be honest Throne of Glass was a bit predictable but this one, this one I have no idea how it will all end! The f******* twists man, it’s unbelievable! It has more action, more goriness, more heart stopping, heartbreaking moments that would surely make you stop and pause for a while because these, the things that are happening had all been too much. Too much and yet you cannot fight the urge to yearn for more. Ugh it’s awesome. Just read it. Now.




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