Book Review: Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas


rating and review

5/5  This is a story about Anna and her group of friends who decided to have their vacation in Aruba one Spring Break.

Everything was going extremely well until one day, they found out that one of their friends was brutally murdered. All the clues points to one, and only one person – Anna. She will fight to prove her innocence and her freedom even if everyone leaves her behind, even the boyfriend she loved the most.
Okay, THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! Why is does not in the hype? Like seriously, this deserves to be there on the spotlight! The story is well, not very original but its as gripping. The plot twists is overwhelming. The characters are hateable! (its very effective). The way it was delivered – God, Haas is one talented author. 👌🏻 The mystery will make you impatient! Haha, in a good way. A very compulsive read. It’s hair raising, heart pounding hell of a book! I did not sleep until I was finished last night. The storyline is just so effective you cannot afford to leave it behind.
Will not say much, best experience if clueless! One of the best reads this year.




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