No Chill May Book Haul!



may haulMy craziest book haul (yet) in a month.  I know I went overboard but as what other bookworms say, I had good reasons for having no chill at all. I was still employed during this time (notice that this post is not real time ’cause I’m currently keeping up with the blog) and I was stressed out like hell. Trips to the bookstores and having a book with me at the end of every trip kept me relaxed. So yeah, this is a lot. :’D

The BIG HAUL includes:

1-3: The Lord of the Rings (trilogy)

I got this from Booksale at Alphaland Magallanes, Makati. Yes ALL three of them for only over P300 (yep for 3 books!) This is until to date the best used bookstore find I have. Trips to book sales usually takes time ’cause of course you want to have copies in good condition, but this haul only took me 15 minutes. It was like destiny. Haha. All are in good condition aside from slightly cracked spines. Jackpot!

4:  The Hobbit

This is from Booksale too, at H.V. Dela Costa, Cityland, Makati. Before this, I’ve been hunting this book for so long. I don’t want to buy a brand new copy because I’ve already read it in my e-reader AND its expensive! and book Lords are awesome ’cause I got a 75th Anniversary Edition. Yeah.

5-7: The Legend trilogy

Got them from Bibliarch (Fullybooked) in Glorietta 3. I have actually seen these copies since forever, but I refuse to buy them because of the covers. Haha, serry. But I’ve heard so many countless good reviews so I bought the trilogy all at once. 😀

8: Magonia

Again from Bibliarch. I bought this just because I saw Neil Gaiman praised it. Ha.

9-11: Throne of Glass series (minus Heir of Fire)

Also from Bibliarch. I watched one booktuber and saw that she is so inlove with this series so I immediately decided to buy those. I haven’t got The Heir of Fire because the edition I got still has no equivalent paperback.

12-14: Penryn and the End of Days trilogy

Angelfall and World After are from Fullybooked Trinoma while they were on sale. 😀 And End of Days was a reserved copy from Bibliarch (oh I shop there a lot before).

15-16: After; After We Collided

Got this from Powerbooks Megamall. I usually buy a series all at once but I could not do it with this one. Because 1 – it’s pricey and because 2- they’re heavy! 😀

17: P.S. I Still Love You

Bought this from National Bookstore Trinoma on the first day of its PH release. Sadly I did not find a hardback so I settled for the pb instead. (I want the HB because my first book, TOTBILB is hb).

18: Don’t Look Back 

From Powerbooks Trinoma. They are on sale! 😀

19. The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak 

This one from Fullybooked Taft right after my officemate’s farewell dinner. I get them all to the bookstore even if they are non-readers. Haha

20. Through the Woods

From Fullybooked Trinoma. On sale again. 😀 This is a very cool graphic novel! Awesome!

21: Fangirl (Collector’s edition)

From Bibliarch. My boyfriend got me this one, and seriously, I want it because it’s pink!

22: Invaded

From Bibliarch while they were on Midnight sale, alongside with End of Days 😀

23: The Heir

Reserved copy from Fullybooked Trinoma. Earlier in the month I actually got a paperback copy alongside with the Legend trilogy. But FB trinoma texted me that they have reserved an hb copy so I grabbed it and hosted a giveaway for my followers on my Instagram for the paperback copy. 🙂

24: Winger

Fullybooked Trinoma’ sale. I bought it because……. well because it’s on sale. 😀

There you have it, my biggest book haul yet so far. 😀





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